Join us on July 22nd as we explore serious astrophotography equipment at an affordable price.


Mike from Starlight Xpress will be introducing a new design on the ever popular SX series cameras. The CCD world is not dead and will not die as the Sony CCD sensors still lead the way in best performance over price. Plus stay tuned for promo pricing that is only good for 48 hours!!




Filippo and Tom from PrimaLuceLab will be doing a US First Look at the ARCO rotator for any telescope, allowing you to remotely and effectively frame your shots. Perfect for those who are looking into getting the best image angle no matter which way your telescope or mount is facing!




Getting to <1” Tracking Results: Tips and Tricks featuring Losmandy GOTO mounts

Achieving sub-arcsecond mount tracking is often a major milestone for many astrophotography enthusiasts, but there is often no clear path on how to achieve it. Losmandy will cover approaches and tips to improve your results. We will cover approaches that combine mount setup, periodic error correction, guiding settings, and other tips. The talk will feature Losmandy GOTO mounts, but many of the details are applicable to any mount or guiding setup. 




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11:00am PrimaLuceLab - ARCO and Beyond

12:30pm Starlight Xpress - The Blue Beyond

2:00pm Losmandy - Tips and Tricks featuring Losmandy GOTO mounts

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