SBIG - STF-8300M Pro Plus Package w/Color St-i

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The SBIG STF-8300, the first high speed 8300 camera with user-selectable automatic image processing! This package includes everything you need to start capturing incredible deep sky images: STF 8300 monochrome camera, off axis guider, color autoguider, full color and narrowband filters and an 8 position filter wheel.

SKU: SBI-80-12066-00
Manufactured by:
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)

Product Description

SBIG STF-8300M Pro Plus Package with Color ST-i

We include custom adapters in an imaging package, complete turnkey imaging solutions to customers, no matter the kind of scope, camera, reducer, guider, or rotator customers happen to choose.

About the SBIG STF Cameras

SBIG STF cameras are modeled after SBIG's popular ST series, using updated KAF Kodak sensors, an integrated dessicant plug and completely redesigned electronics for reduced noise and fast upload times. 

STF cameras include a mechanical shutter for dark frames which is especially helpful when operating your camera remotely whether you're several feet or several hundred miles away.  SBIG's shutter design opens and closes so that the amount of light reaching the sensor is not changed by the shutter in any way. The addition of this even illumination shutter is a rarity in CCD camera design.  While the size of the camera body must be increased to accomodate a mechanical shutter, dark frames are more reliable than with digital shutters.  A very dependable design, the SBIG STF cameras employ the same shutter design as the ST series, a rotating disk that leaves no part of the sensor exposed for a longer period of time than another, while operating on a single simple motor.  The result is a dependable and durable design that will last through millions of exposures. 

The SBIG STF series utilizes TE cooling, commonly referred to as TEC.  With a rapid cooling rate to -40 degrees Celcius below ambient within 3 minutes and the ability to remain stable well under 100% power, extremely low dark current and noise is acheived.    By reducing the noise to such low levels, post processing time is also greatly reduced and many imagers may find that they need to do little or no post processing at all!   Images can be processed to a certain degree directly in camera as well.   Users can select the level of hot pixel removal, or column repair if necessary.  

The body and interior of the SBIG STF series cameras was engineered and machined with lightweight durabitlity and reliable performance in mind.    The front and back plates are machined from solid aluminum block, and are finished in a lasting bead blasted finish.  Each port label is etched in so it will never wear away.   The camera readily accepts both Canon EOS and Nikon mounts for easy adaptation.  

About the Kodak KAF-8300 Sensor: 

To get away from the drawbacks of anti-blooming, Kodak's KAF-8300 sensor uses microlens technology.  Microlesnses allow light to be more focused on a single pixel rather than simply being blocked by an opaque anti-blooming gate.  The KAF-8300 sensor can handle up to 1000x the full well saturation when compared to ABG full frame sensors, but with the same quantum efficiency.   The KAF8300 is also maintains high linearity, meaning the sensor response remains flat when increasing exposure times.  SBIG's camera measures 10x better than Kodak's allowed specification, with a repsonse that is within approximately 1% of linear.  

The Kodak's KAF-8300 is an 8.3 Mega-pixel, full frame CCD sensor with 3326 x 2504 pixels at 5.4 microns.  The SBIG STF-8300M monochrome sensor is perfect for both short fast optics in high resolution mode, or for longer focal lengths binned 2x2 or 3x3.   When paired with the filter wheel, the monochrome STF8300 can be used in any of several binning and partial frame modes for monochrome, color or narrowband imaging. Binned 2x2 the pixels are 10.8 microns square and binned 3x3 they are 16.2 microns square. At 2x2 the array is still 2 megapixels and at 3x3 just under one megapixel. This feature makes it possible to match the pixel size to your seeing and scope, from a small refractor to a large SCT making the KAF-8300 sensor and the STF-8300 camera, highly versatile. 



Kodak 8300 sensor STF-8300 SBIG CCD






SBIG's OAG-8300 turns any STF-8300 into a self-guiding camera system. The OAG-8300 is designed to work with either the 5-position or 8-position filter wheel. Color cameras, or monochrome cameras without a filter can also use the OAG-8300 with a spacer and the OAG-8300 is backward compatible with all ST-8300 models. What is unique about the SBIG OAG-8300 is the 7-element internal otpical design. The OAG contains relay optics that move the guide camera to the side of the imaging camera, and at the same time, a 0.7X reducer effectively doubles the field of view of the guider. SBIG knows that this design allows for a low profile between the camera and the telescope, reducing backfocus requirements, and at the same time, gives a wide field of view that offers mode guide stars for the guide camera.  

12VDC Operation

The STF-8300 comes with its own universal AC power supply. This supply will operate from 100-240VAC and provides 12VDC at 3.75A to the camera. The STF-8300 also has a built-in voltage regulator and can therefore be powered directly from any unregulated 12V (10-14V) source such as a bettery for oepration in the field.


Standard (ST-4 pin compatible) Autoguider Port

The guider port on the STF-8300 is the same as on the other ST cameras, using a modular telephone type 6-pin jack to connect the STF-8300 to the user's mount when using the camera as an autoguider or in Track $ Accumulate Mode with mount corrections. The internal relays used in the STF-8300 are opto-isolated and no external relay box is required for any mount with this camera. The STF-8300 can guide or image. To guide and image at the same time, SBIG's solution is to add the OAG08300 and ST-i autoguider for complete self guiding capability.



The STF-8300 camera comes with the following accessories

  • Mac software: Equinox Image and Equinox Pro.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit window software:CCDDOPS, CCDSoftV5, The SkyV.5
  • Pelican hard case.




Name SBIG - STF-8300M Pro Plus Package w/Color St-i
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model SBI-80-12066-00
In The Box SBIG STF-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera FW8 Filter Wheel Off-Axis Guider St-i Color Autoguider & Planetary Imager 36mm LRGB Filters 36mm Clear Filter H-Alpha Filter O-III Filter SII Filter Mac software: Equinox Image and Equinox Pro. 32 bit and 64 bit window software:CCDDOPS, CCDSoftV5, The SkyV.5 Pelican hard case.
CCD Sensor Kodak - KAF-8300
ADC (analog to digital converter) 16 bit
Antiblooming 1000X
Backfocus Distance 0.69 inches (17.5 mm)
CCD Kodak KAF-8300
Computer Interface USB 2.0 (All Windows O/S, 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac OSX)
Cooling -40C max. from ambient
Dark Current e-/p/s at 0°C 0.02e-/p/s @ -10C
Exposure 0.09 to 3600 seconds
Full Frame Download Less than 1 second
Full Well Capacity ~25,500 e-
Gain e-/ADU 0.37e-/ADU
Included Accessories FW8 filter wheel, off-axis guider, St-i Color Autoguider and Planetary Imager and 36mm LRGB, 36mm Clear Filter H-alpha, O-III, and SII Filter Sets.
Mounting connections T-thread, 2" Nosepiece
Pixel Size 5.4 x 5.4 microns square
Power Requirements 12VDC, 3 amps max
Read Noise ~9.3e-;
Sensor Type Kodak KAF-8300M
Shutter Even-Illumination, Mechanical


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In the Box

SBIG STF-8300 Monochrome CCD Camera
FW8 Filter Wheel
Off-Axis Guider
St-i Color Autoguider & Planetary Imager
36mm LRGB Filters
36mm Clear Filter
H-Alpha Filter
O-III Filter
SII Filter
Mac software: Equinox Image and Equinox Pro.
32 bit and 64 bit window software:CCDDOPS, CCDSoftV5, The SkyV.5
Pelican hard case.