Celestron - CGE Pro 1100 HD 11" Computerized Telescope - 11093

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I have gone through all the stuff you all have with telescopes…I have bought used, new and gone from 4” to 12 inch scopes with all the stuff I didn’t need and all the stuff I have outgrown. Some have been very nice scopes and equipment and some very disappointing experiences.

But this is all different now. The Hd pro has gone way past great.
Although it is very heavy until you break it down; it is worth all the trouble and price.
I got this scope last week. Due to weather I wasn’t able to try it out till last night. I used a two star align and the first star was about 10 degrees off (but in the telrad). The second star was about 5 degrees off; the first calibration star was about 3 degrees off and second was dead on in the telrad and eyepiece. I was impressed

Next I went to Caldwell 14 and it dead centered it. All stars were bright and round with nothing but star; clear and sharp to the edge of the eyepiece, which was a 26 Nagler.

Next I took a tour. The scope slewed to every object quickly and without delay. The scope put all the first 20 objects at a level I didn’t need a step latter or stool and no bending over. (The scope even knew I was old) Ha Ha!

To make a long story short, This could be my last scope. The mount will handle anything you put on top of it. I might go to the 14 later on and I might buy a big refractor but this is my mount. You will never need another.

I have the hyperstar setup coming, and have already both an ATIX 490 color one shot. I have llrady ordered a EV1 focuser and a tele-view diagonal to enhance the scope.

If there is anything I would change it would be the clutch bolts which would be better if they were shorter and had more leverage and the cord on the handset is about a foot too short. Other than that it might very well be the perfect scope. Carl Segan would be ecstatic in my opinion.

Ron Jones
(Posted on 11/27/2013)

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