Farpoint - FAR-Sight

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"L" shaped brackets are available for mounting binoculars to a tripod. But you should consider the FarPoint FarSight. Rather than attaching directly to your binocular, it attaches instead to the tripod. A threaded "Button" screws into the 1/4x20 socket in the front hinge of the binos. A set screw is provided to keep the button from unscrewing. A keyhole slot is provided on the bracket through which the "button" passes, then clicks down into the bracket. The first advantage is the the button stays attached to the binos, and the bracket stays attached to the tripod. The binos will fit perfectly back into their case without having to remove (for example, a Pentax L-Shaped) bracket. The second advantage is that the top of the FarSight bracket is provided with a dovetail for your RDF (Red Dot Finder), etc. (Posted on 12/5/2013)

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