Celestron - Granite ED 9x33 Binocular

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Birding at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve provided a superb
opportunity for me to thoroughly field-test
the Celestron 7x33 and 9x33 Granite ED Binoculars. The Granite line of
Celestron binoculars features ED,
for extra low dispersion glass, to bring all colors in sharp focus with
virtually no detectable chromatic aberration
and the highest degree of color accuracy. For a birder or anyone who
watches or studies wildlife and nature, this
quality of view is imperative to see the field markings and details for
identifying correctly. Color accuracy with ED
glass also just makes more strikingly true-to-life visual experience.
Clearly seeing the yellow streaks on a Savannah Sparrow's
eyebrows and noting the rich variations in color on a Great Blue Heron's
plumage from pale yellow to steel blue made these
Granites a winner in color rendition, and proved again, gleaning that
extra color detail makes all the difference for the most
memorable view.

The 7x33 gives a sweeping 9.1 degree field of view (fov), which was
perfect for making discoveries while scanning for shorebirds along the
perimeter of the estuary. Elusive birds wading at the edge of the salt
marsh, like Willets and Killdeers were easy to spot and follow with this
big view. This extra wide view also proved useful watching Western
Grebes speed amazingly fast over the surface. If your watching nature in
action, especially birds in flight, the 9.1 degree (fov) is perfect. A
Striped Mullet (fish) surprised me with multiple leaps into the air as I
was scanning the bay for waterfowl.

The 9x33 also had its moments, especially when watching some of the
smaller residents of Bolsa Chica, like Say's Phoebe and an American
Kestrel perched high on the surrounding brush.
With a 7.2 degree field of view, the 9x33 still offers a comfortable
view with extra magnification good for raptors and smaller targets at a
Both the 7x33 and 9x33 binoculars are extremely light for such big
performers, at 21.2 oz and 20.1 oz respectively, so if you are planning
a safari or any nature travel, these are a excellence choice for someone
who is concerned with weight when packing their gear. The open bridge
body of these binoculars makes them feel even lighter as you can wrap
your hand around them.

Some other added pluses are good close focus with 6.5 ft with the 7x33
and 8.2 ft with the 9x33. Captive objective lens caps you'll never lose
and you even get a bino-suspender system along with the package if you
need to carry the binoculars for long periods-taking the weight off your
neck. For quick out of the box enjoyment a comfort strap comes already
attached-it doesn't get any better than that! Last but not least-great
price-point- an excellent value for such high optical quality. Highly

Jeff (Posted on 11/9/2013)

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