Manfrotto - Triman Camera Tripod Black without Head

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Manfrotto offers 4 heavy-duty tripods with a geared center column: the 475B, 028B, 058B and the 161MK2B. All have a payload capacity of 26.4 lbs (161MK2B = 44.09 lbs). But the 028B is the only one with a 19" column. The other 3 are only 10". All 4 have a self-locking center column which will not go down under load, center spreaders adding great rigidity, retractable rubber tips and top-of-column plate with 3 set screws which screw upwards into the bottom plate of the head locking it securely from rotation. But the 028B is the only one with 3/4" TWIN upper leg tubes whose trapezoid shape forms a truss generating tremendous resistance to lateral movement. Manfrotto calls this the 2-1-1 leg configuration. This makes it very rigid. The 028B is the lightest and the least expensive. It is a tremendous tripod: I have 2 of them! (Posted on 11/9/2013)

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