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JMI - RB-66 6" Reverse Binoculars


Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

JMI RB-66 6" Reverse Binoculars


JMI RB-66 6" Reverse Binoculars




The Reverse Binoculars (RB-66) allow you to look down into the eyepieces, either sitting or standing, to see what is in the sky behind you, instead of straining to look up as is the case with normal binoculars. They are built with two aligned 6″ (f/5) Newtonian optical tubes on an alt-az mount creating a very compact and comfortable viewing experience. The instrument sits on a Celestron tripod. (U.S. Patent Pending)


What is an ALT-AZ MOUNT?

The RB-66 includes an altitude-azimuth mount. Altitude-azimuth is sometimes abbreviated as alt-azimuth or just alt-az. An alt-az mount moves in altitude (up and down) on a horizontal axis and in azimuth (left and right) on a vertical axis like a gun turret on a tank. By comparison, an equatorial mount is essentially an alt-az mount that is tilted to match your latitude, allowing a telescope to track the stars with the addition of a simple clock drive. Both types of mounts have their advantages. Which one is best for a particular situation depends mostly on how one intends to use the telescope.



  • Protective white cover (available in black by special order)
  • Six motors for adjusting inter-ocular (eye) spacing, focusing and opticle tube alignment with the touch of a button
  • Reverse Crayford focusers
  • Fold-away motorcycle type handle bars for pointing the instrument
  • NGC-microMAX computer
  • Compatible with a Pocket PC running TheSky Pocket Edition planetarium software
  • Battery operation
  • JMI′s celebrated quality construction



  • Two RCF-mini1 Focusers with Motors for motorized focusing.
  • Two 20mm Wide Angle Eyepieces (1.4 degree field)
  • Star Pointer Finder Scope.
  • Integrated Optical Encoders for use with a ″MAX″ (or compatible) computer.
  • NGC-microMAX Computer digital setting circles with a 245 object database. (upgrades available)
  • Battery Power with 6vDC 4.5 amp-hour rechargeable battery with 110vAC/60Hz or 220vAC/50Hz charger (specify). (Anticipated battery life will be measured in months.)
  • Built-In Handle Bars permit easy movement of the scope.



  • Type: Dual Newtonian reflectors
  • Mount: Alt-Az mount (with marble Formica for smooth azimuth operation) attached to a Celstron tripod (Tripod: 26″ retracted, 42″ extended)
  • Mirrors: 6″ f/5 primary mirrors (reviewed in October 2001 Astronomy Magazine), 1.6″ diagonal secondary mirrors
  • Diagonals: Erect Image or Regular (specify)
  • Clearance Between Optical Tubes: 10″
  • Eyepiece Spacing: Variable from 2″ to 3.25″
  • Alignment: Motorized x and y axis for optical tube alignment
  • Power: 6vDC operation with battery (includes AC charger)
  • Binocular Weight: Approximately 49.4 lb. (78.4 lb. with Optional Case)
  • Tripod Weight: Approximately 9.6 lb.
  • Binocular Height: 30.25″ (from top of tripod to top of binocular with binocular locked into vertical position)
  • Binocular Width: 24.5″
  • Binocular Depth: 11″ (folded)








Additional Information

Name JMI - RB-66 6" Reverse Binoculars
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Model RB66
Manufacturer Part No RB66