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    The Rayox telescope saddle plate has improved on a crucial component of any mount. By using a unique design with a simple and easy to use cam-lever, the Rayox Saddle is the first auto engaging saddle plate. As the dovetail slides into the saddle, the cam-lever closes automatically securing your dovetail with no knobs or bolts to tighten.

    Built-in hard stop slots keep your dovetail securely in the saddle while allowing you to make small adjustments for balance.

    Eliminate nasty accidents, stop struggling with hard to turn knobs or difficult to access bolts, and upgrade your mount with the RAYOX saddle plate.

    Weighs 2 lbs. 14oz.

    Black anodized finish with silver/grey accents.

    Compatible with most EQ and AZ mounts. For CGX and CGXL mounts please choose the Universal adapter.

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Product Description

Rayox Saddle for D Series Dovetail Plates

The Rayox telescope saddle plate is the world’s first auto engaging option for astronomical and terrestrial telescopes. By automatically cinching down on your dovetail, the Rayox saddle virtually eliminates accidental drops of your precious OTA during setup, balancing or break-down. By using an auto-engaging cam-lever, users can quickly and easily lock their dovetail firmly into place by simply sliding it into the saddle, and smart design features like an integrated hardstop slot allow for adjustment without the dovetail slipping out of the saddle completely. The RAYOX Saddle has multiple patent pending mechanisms designed to improve safety and ease of operation and is compatible with most German equatorial mounts and many Alt/Az mounts through the use of a number of different interface adapters.  The RAYOX saddle includes one interface adapter with purchase.  If you do not see your mount listed please choose other and note your mount in the text box.  Many adapters are cross compatible.

Rayox Telescope Saddle Plate Features:

  • Cam-Actuated: A cam-lever located on the operator side of saddle controls the locking and unlocking of balance plate in the saddle. 
  • Auto-Engage: The Cam-Lever is automatically actuated when the balance plate touches down in the saddle.
  • Balance-Position: The auto-engage function immediately moves the cam-lever to the balance position where the balance plate can freely move fore/aft to achieve perfect balance however the Balance-Plate cannot be removed vertically from saddle.
  • Cam-Lever Safety: Cam-Lever can be easily moved between Balance-Position or Lock-Position but it cannot be moved to Open-Position without simultaneously sliding and holding the CamLever-Safety
  • Integrated-Hardstop slot: The saddle has machined hardstop slots in floor of saddle that line up with socket head cap screw common to most balance plates. This combination allows most balance plates to move freely in fore/aft with increased travel, without being able slide out of saddle in either direction. 
  • Interface Adapters for popular mounts: Interface adapters for mounts from AP, Takahashi, Celestron, Orion, SkyWatcher and others.

Rayox Saddle Plate Specifications: 

  • Dovetail Compatibility: All D-Sized dovetail balance plates; adjustable for size variations.
  • Mount Compatibility: Most commercially available mounts using specific interface 3) Material, Main-Body: Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy and 300 Series stainless steel alloy.
  • Material, Main-Body: Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy and 300 Series stainless steel alloy.
  • Fasteners: Grade 8 or better alloy steel.
  • Cam-Bolt: Grade 12.9 equivalent , Tensile Strength; 170,000 psi.
  • Dimensions, Closed 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.0” (216 x 140 x 25mm) 
  • Dimensions, Open 8.5 x 5.75 x 1.0” (216 x 146 x 25mm) 
  • Weight: 2lb 14oz 1311g 

Current interface adapters available for Astro-Physics GTO mounts, Takahashi EM-11, EM-200, EM-400 and EM-500 mounts, Losmandy GM-8, G-11, HGM Titan and AZ-8 mounts, Celestron CGEM, CGEM-DX, CGEM-II, and CGE Pro mounts, SkyWatcher EQ-8, EQ-6, AZ-EQ5/6, and EQ-5 mounts, Orion HDX-110, Sirius & Sirius Pro, Atlas & Atlas Pro.  If you do not see your mount listed in the drop down please let us know what mount you have and we'll track down the correct adapter for you as many are widely compatible with a range of brands and mounts.  If you have any inquires on interface plates or the Rayox saddle plate please feel free to reach out to Stephen Pizzo at pizzo.rayox@gmail.com


Name Rayox - Saddle Plate
Manufacturer Rayox
In The Box RAYOX Saddle Plate Mount Interface Adapter


Review and collect 50 points.
Review by:
I was already a bit nervous after the large investment I made in my scope and mount. Being a relative newcomer to telescopes of this caliber I wanted to do everything I could do to ensure success. Having no experience with other methods of mounting a scope I researched what was available; watching videos and reading of other people's experiences. When I saw the ease at which the Rayox saddle performed I was convinced that it would ease my fear and trepidation.

Once I received the saddle and easily, without too much fear, hefted my scope on to the Mach1 I was hooked. Why would you do it any other way after investing so much money in your scope and mount? (Posted on 8/23/2018)
Review by:
I bought two of this for my Tak EM-400 and EM-200 mount. They work very well and the looking is also very good. I know some people may be worried about whether the Rayox saddle is strong enough for bigger and heavier scopes since there's no big knobs like traditional saddles. At least I never worried about my FS-152 (1.2m/10.5kg OTA). (Posted on 10/18/2017)
Review by:
I recently purchased a Rayox for my Celestron CGE Pro, which would hold a massive 11" EdgeHD. At first, I seem to be one of the unfortunate ones with a CGE Pro that had a slightly different configuration on the original saddle.

Let me stress, Steve Pizzo, stands behind his work and we worked together on solving the issue. Some CGE Pro's have different bolts and a pin that sticks up that keeps the saddle in place when the 2 screws are removed. After a few moments of fighting to remove the original saddle, which was caked in thread locker (this stuff must be free or something!) I discovered that the receiver plate that attaches the mount to the Rayox, did not work.

Steve, being the ever vigilant man he is, spent hours with me working out measurements and redesigning the receiver. Meanwhile, I had designed something as well which I sent to Steve to review. A few weeks flew past and a new receiver appeared which looked remarkably like the one I had designed.

I have worked with a lot of people in my time with products and issues, but no one has ever taken something that I have come up with and adapted it to function, while still having a multiple purpose for other mounts. As I said a moment ago, Steve stands by his product and moved hell off earth to make sure that I would be able to use this plate. Steve even states that if you have a mount that does not fit, he will fix that problem. That he did!

Now, onto the good bits. Does it work? Short answer, yes it does. In fact, so well, I can actually balance my scope without having to mess about with tightening and loosening the original hand bolt clamps. I can do minor tweaks with full knowledge that the scope wont just tip out and land on my head.

What makes the system so brilliant, is the lever on the side that tells you if the system is locked or in the "balance" position. Just for giggles, rotated the RA axis to run parallel to the ground and let go of the scope in the balance position. The clamp which is half triggered catches the bottom lip of the dovetail preventing it from just tipping out of the saddle.

The construction of the plate is lightweight so you don't use up extra load capacity for those heavy imaging systems. It's CNC high precision design ensures that any scope and any mount will work with this system.

I am truly thankful for such an amazing product and hope more astronomers adopt this system. After all, who wants $5000+ worth of telescope and imaging goodies exploding onto a dusty car park floor. (Posted on 5/14/2017)
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RAYOX Saddle Plate
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