Rayox Saddle Plate Cloudy Night Review

Derek Wong recently reviewed the Rayox Saddle plate on Cloudy Nights.  Derek walks through the ins and outs of this innovative saddle with detailed pictures and why the Rayox Saddle Plate makes a smart investment.

"The Rayox principle is simple. There are three basic positions for a dovetail saddle—open, balance, and locked. The sloping edges of the Losmandy system allow you to have a balance position that enables plate movement without the telescope tipping out. The Rayox’s ability to reach the balance position is repeatable and precise, as it uses an auto-engaging system with audible feedback.  In contrast, with standard dovetails it is difficult to determine whether they are engaged while mounting a large scope.  Most rely on knobs connected to screws to achieve a balance position.  Using these knobs on a cold night can be difficult, especially with a large OTA where a lot of force is needed. The Rayox cam lever provides a simple alternative to adjusting these knobs. "

Check out the review and order your Rayox Saddle Plate today.

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