QSI - QSI RS 3.2ws-8 3.2mp Cooled CCD Camera w/Mechanical Shutter & 8 position Filter Wheel

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QSI RS 3.2ws-8 3.2mp Cooled CCD Camera w/Mechanical Shutter & 8 position Filter Wheel
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Product Description

    The QSI RS 3.2ws-8 model camera employs a Kodak KAF-3200ME 3.2 megapixel Enhanced Response full-frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology. The KAF-3200ME sensor has a photoactive array of 2184W x 1472H pixels. It has excellent quantum efficiency between 350nm and 1000nm with significant enhancement at the blue end of the spectrum. Low dark current and high pixel charge capacity result in a dynamic range exceeding 77db. Micro lenses cover the surface of the CCD to focus the light through the transparent gate to further increase optical response.
    The KAF-3200 has the highest Quantum Efficiency and lowest noise of any Kodak sensor making it exceptional for low-light applications where maximizing the available Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is paramount. With peak QE of over 80% it offers many of the benefits of a back-illuminated sensor without the drawbacks or higher cost.
    The high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and low noise performance make the QSI RS 3.2 ideally suited to a broad range of demanding imaging applications. The QSI RS 3.2 includes a 3.2mp Kodak KAF-3200ME sensor USB 2.0 High-Speed, 16-bit output Dual Read rates of 800kHz and 8MHz,  Air cooling to 45C below ambient and a Mechanical shutter with shutter speeds down to 30ms (0.03 sec) 

 Mechanical Shutter
    The Model RS 3.2ws-8 camera incorporates QSI's proprietary internal, even-illumination mechanical shutter in the 'mid-size' camera body configuration. The shutter is not only used for timing exposures, but can be left closed to produce 'dark frames' for subsequent image processing. Exposures can be as short as 0.03 seconds or as long as 240 minutes. The shutter is rated for more than 1 million cycles. Exposures can be fired under software control or with the use of the hardware input trigger.

Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC)
    Effective cooling of the CCD image sensor is essential for long exposure imaging, especially in astronomy.  Key in the compact design of the RS Series cameras is a very efficient custom 2-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) subsystem. Intelligent, programmable cooling fans are integrated into the rear of the camera body to remove the heat generated by the cooler. Typically, forced air cooling lowers the regulated CCD temperature by up to 45°C below ambient utilizing 85% power. Tight +/- 0.1°C temperature regulation is maintained at temperature settings of 10°C below ambient and lower. A slim liquid heat exchanger  can be attached to the rear of the camera body to increase the cooling further, up to 55°C below the temperature of the circulating fluid.
   The cooled CCD image sensor is positioned in a hermetically sealed environmental chamber covered with an anti-reflection coated precision optical window. The chamber is purged with an ultra dry noble gas to increase heat conduction and eliminate the possibility of frost forming inside the chamber. To extend the useful period before re-purging is required, a user-rechargeable microsieve desiccant is employed to scavenge water molecules that enter the chamber. It is located behind a sub-micron, gas-permeable membrane to prevent particulate contamination of the CCD chamber. 


Feature Standard Optional
CCD Manufacturer & Model     Kodak KAF-3200ME        Kodak KAF-3200E       
CCD Architecture Full Frame Full Frame
     Blue Enhanced Yes Yes
     Microlens Yes No
     Anti-blooming No No
Imager Size: (WxH) 14.85mm x 10.26mm 14.85mm x 10.26mm
Pixel Array (WxH): 2254x1510 total pixels,
2184x1472 active (visible)
2254x1510 total pixels,
2184x1472 active (visible)
Pixel Size: 6.8µm x 6.8µm 6.8µm x 6.8µm
  Typical Values
Pixel Full Well Depth 55,000 electrons 55,000 electrons
Absolute Quantum Efficiency Peak: 82%
400nm: 55%
Peak: 65%
400nm: 30%
Pixel Dark Current <0.5 electron per second at 0°C
<0.05 electron per second at -25°C
Dark Current Doubling 6° C 6° C
Intrinsic Read Noise 7 electrons RMS 7 electrons RMS
Dynamic Range 77db 77db
Charge Transfer Efficiency >0.99999 >0.99999
Feature Model RS 3.2s Model RS 3.2ws-8
CCD Image Sensor KAF-3200ME
Electronic Shutter Mechanical, exposure range: 0.03 seconds to 240 minutes
Mechanical Shutter Yes Yes
Internal Color Filter Wheel No ws    - 5-Position CFW
ws-8 - 8-position CFW
Holds 1.25" or opt. 31mm filters
Camera Body Configuration Medium
Dimensions W4.45” x H4.45” x D2.00”
(add 0.225" for T-Mount)
5-pos, W4.45” x H4.45” x D2.50”
8-pos, W5.86” x H5.56” x D2.50”
(add 0.225" for T-Mount)
Weight, without Nosepiece 34 oz.  /  950g 5-pos, 40 oz.  /  1130g
8-pos, 51 oz.  /  1450g
Optical Back Focus
(w/o Filters in path)
0.90" w/ T-mount adapter
0.68" w/ C-mount adapter
0.68" w/ no adapter
1.40" w/ T-mount adapter
1.18" w/ C-mount adapter
1.18" w/ no adapter
Thermoelectric CCD Cooling Temperature regulation +/- 0.1°C, @ 0°C  to -40°C CCD temperature
In free air, 
Fans @ Full Speed
Typically 45°C below ambient air temperature with 85% cooling power
With Opt Liquid Cooling - Fans Off Typically 52°C below circulating liquid with 85% cooling power
(adds 0.75" to camera depth)
Cooling Fan Control Intelligent, user configurable
Read Rate User Selectable High Quality mode at 800KHz, High Speed mode at 8MHz
Camera Gain User Selectable High Gain 0.9 e-/ADU (default), Low Gain 2.0 e-/ADU
Digital Resolution 16 bits (both High Quality and High Speed mode)
Total System Read Noise Typically <7 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Quality mode
Typically <16 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Speed mode
Pixel Dark Current <0.5 electron per second at 0°C
<0.05 electron per second at -25°C
Full Image Read and Download Time Typically <5 second (host computer dependent) in High Quality Mode (800KHz)
Typically ~0.5 second (host computer dependent) in High Speed Mode (8MHz)
Image download times will be reduced with binning and/or subframe (ROI)
Binning Modes Symmetrical and Asymmetrical binning up to 9 pixels horizonally or vertically
Status and Notification User configurable multi-color LED status indicator and multifunction
audible beeper. Over-temperature and high/low voltage alarms.
Power Consumption 12v, 2A (24 watts) at max cooling, max fans and filter moving
(25 watts max with included 90-240V AC power supply)
Operating Environment Temperature: -20°C to 30°C, Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Computer Connectivity USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
Other Ports Optically isolated 4 channel control port for telescope guiding
or input/output shutter trigger
Lens Attachment Standard - T-Thread, 42mm x .75mm pitch
Supports Canon EOS and Nikon F-mount lenses

C Mounting Adapter
(1" x 32TPI)

Optional, C-Mount (Type II) lens focus compatible 
(17.5mm backfocus)
Optional, for non-lens adapters and accessories 
(standard C-Mount lens does not reach focus at infinity)
Nosepiece Standard, T-Adapter to 2" nosepiece
Optional, T-Adapter  to 1.25" nosepiece









Name QSI - QSI RS 3.2ws-8 3.2mp Cooled CCD Camera w/Mechanical Shutter & 8 position Filter Wheel
Manufacturer QSI
Model QSI-RS3.2ws-8
CCD Sensor Kodak - KAF-3200


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