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Vixen VMC110L Modified Cassegrain Telescopes

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The Vixen VMC110L, a 110 mm (4.33 inch) aperture modified Cassegrain f/9.4 optical tube assembly . The VMC110L is intriguing in its own right with interesting features including curved vane Secondary Mirror Spider to reduce diffraction effects, and a correcting meniscus lens just ahead of the Secondary Mirror like its larger cousins the VMC200L and VMC260L incorporate.

Optical System VMC (Vixen's original Maksutov-Cassegrain) Primary mirror Multi-coated precision spherical mirror Effective aperture 110mm Focal length (focal ratio) 1035mm (f/9.4) Resolving power 1.05 arc seconds Limiting magnitude 12,0 Light gathering power 247x Finder Dot finder (no magnifying power) Dimensions Outer diameter: 125mm, length: 360mm Weight 2.1kgs Accessories Eyepiece PL-25mm (31.7mm), Allen wrench