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TeleVue 102i

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Televue's newest model APO refractor (102mm aperture, 880mm focal length, f/8.6) is designed to permit lower power, wider field binocular viewing - all in a more compact form. The Tele Vue-102i sports the same overall length as the Tele Vue NP-101, making it easier to transport. It will fit in the NP-101's soft carry bag (product code NPB-1001).


By having a tube that's 5" shorter than the regular Tele Vue-102 model, it is now possible to use the Bino Vue without its standard 2x amplifier/corrector. The complete version of the Tele Vue-102i (product code WBC-4086) includes a Bino Vue body with a specially designed 1x prism compensator for correcting the slight aberrations introduced by a prism. The 2x amplifier is not included as the new tube's 5" shorter path length no longer requires it. Current Bino Vue owners can purchase the OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) version of the Tele Vue-102i (product code WBO-4086), which includes the hard case, 1x prism compensator and flat-top adapter. For Solar viewing in Hydrogen-alpha with Coronado filters up to 90mm, the Tele Vue-102i will permit full solar disc Bino Vue operation, since the maximum field is approximately 1.75º For terrestrial viewing (upright, but reversed image) the new comfortable 60º Everbrite mirror diagonal is sturdy enough to support and lock the Bino Vue with prism compensator attached. The Tele Vue-102i can also be used without a Bino Vue by combining both the 2" and 3½" long extension tubes (product codes X2C-0008 and X3C-0009, respectively) between the focuser and the diagonal. The telescope then functions exactly like a regular Tele Vue-102.