PrimaLuceLab - OnAxisLock 31.8mm T2 Visual Back

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The Primaluce OnAxisLock visual backs allow you to lock your equipment into position with a circular clamp rather than traditional holding screws, ensuring an exceptionally secure connection, a perfectly centered position and will leave your accessories scratch-free. This OnAxisLock eyepiece holder is designed to fit 31.8mm threaded telescope backs and offers a T2 connection.
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Product Description

PrimaLuceLab OnAxisLock 31.8mm T2 Visual Back

OnAxisLock 31.8mm eyepiece holder fits into a 50.8mm connection such as the ones of the most widely recognized focusers.

OnAxisLock is the accessories locking mechanism offers a superior clamping force compared to typical screws, therefore avoiding any possible flexure (so it's ideal for astro-imaging), it doesn't harm the connected accessory and it perfectly keeps the optical axis of the telescope. All credit goes to this new locking device with double ring: just turn manually the appropriate external ring (designed to allow an easy grip, even with gloves) and you'll get a perfect closure!

Using imaging accessories like heavy digital reflex or cooled CCD (often filter wheels) cameras, it is vital that no flexing occurs when joining to telescope focuser. This additionally applies to visual use with large diagonals and wide-field oculars (which usually are heavy).

For this reason PrimaLuceLab the OnAxisLock 31.8 mm eyepiece holder that replaces the typical screw closure with a ring-locking device. This allows secure locking of the accessory by simply turning the external ring (red): a special double inner ring grips accessories with a uniform pressure.

OnAxisLock is designed to keep perfectly in axis the accessories inserted in the focuser: you will be 100% sure that the sensor of your camera will be perfectly centered on the optical axis of the telescope.

OnAxisLock 31.8mm eyepiece holder inserted into the focuser of AIRY APO104T telescope


OnAxisLock 31.8mm eyepiece holder fits into 50.8mm connection like those of the most common focusers.

It's ideal for CCD cameras equipped with a 31.8mm and it is suggested even for visual use as well with 31.8mm diagonal mirrors and/or eyepieces. The specific locking mechanism also doesn't damage the inserted accessory because the pressure is uniformly distributed in the barrel. the embedded adornment in light of the fact that the weight is disseminated consistently in the barrel. The classic screw closure, working on a much smaller area,  generates a mechanical stress that can easily ruin the barrel.

The special design of the outer ring has been developed to allow you to lock the accessory with ease, even when wearing gloves. This way you can be sure to safely lock your CCD camera or your eyepiece even in bad weather conditions.


Name PrimaLuceLab - OnAxisLock 31.8mm T2 Visual Back
Manufacturer PrimaLuceLab
Model PRI-OAL318
EAN 8059020771102


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