PrimaluceLab - EAGLE S Advanced Wifi Control Unit for Telescopes

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The PrimaluceLab EAGLE S wireless control hub for telescopes and mounts offers advancd high speed wireless control, thanks to i3 2,1 GHz Dual Core processor, more storage space (128GB SSD). PrimaluceLab has also increased number of USB ports for 6 in all including 4 USB3.0. This is the perfect wireless control solution for advanced astroimaging and with the advantage of an on-board processor, the EAGLE allows you to run automation software without an additional computer. The EAGLE is designed to ride on your telescope and minimize cable clutter while providing a simple way to power and control all of your devices. Whether you have a remote observatory or are working next to your telescope system, the PrimaluceLab EAGLE-S simplifies your system controls.
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PrimaluceLab EAGLE S Advanced Wifi Control Unit for Telescopes

A note from Dr. Filippo Bradaschia

"EAGLE S is the more powerful version of EAGLE and has been designed to combine the innovation of EAGLE system to more computing power: I recommend it to anyone who wants to automate astrophotography sessions (using appropriate software), to those who want to make hi-res planetary and Moon photography with appropriate USB 3.0 cameras (so they can record high fps video in the bigger SSD drive) or to anyone who wants to use software that require high computing capacity (such as planetarium software with 3D interface)."

For successful remote operation, a simple wireless control solution is critical.   The PrimaluceLab EAGLE wireless hub solves two major problems: straight forward wireless control for all devices, and cable clutter.   Excessive wiring within an observatory, permanent or semi-permanent installation can cause an array of issues and so proper cable management becomes a crucial part of a system that is enjoyable to use.  The PrimaluceLab EAGLE is designed to ride on top of your telescope and allows you to power all of your devices through it while providing wireless control for those devices.  By minimizing and properly managing those cables, these systems easily become part of a portable system as well.  The EAGLE-S is an advanced unit for astrophotographers with higher equipment demands, requiring additional high-speed USB ports. 

The EAGLE-S offers more processing power than the EAGLE CORE or standared EAGLE, at 2.1 GHz i3 dual core processor and 8 GB RAM memory with a larger amount of space than other EAGLE models with a 120 GB SSD drive.  This additional processing power allows you to automate certain astrophotography computing jobs such as plate solving, analyzing astrophotography, delivers accurately coordinates, angle of rotation and image scaling.   The on-board processor allows you to work without an additional computer for these automated processes.  For example, automated plate solving can be achieved with Sequence Generator Pro software for pinpoint accuracy in telescope pointing and the assurance that each frame is identical to the last.  


Name PrimaluceLab - EAGLE S Advanced Wifi Control Unit for Telescopes
Manufacturer PrimaLuceLab
WiFi Range 105 ft (more walls will decrease range)


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