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FLI - ProLine Series - KAF-6303E Grade 2 Full Frame CCD Camera - 63.5mm Shutter


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Availability: Available - Ships in 3-5 Days


Available - Ships in 3-5 Days

Manufactured by: Finger Lakes Instrumentation


FLI CCD42-10-1-970 Back Illuminated Midband AR Coating - 63.5mm Shutter


The ProLine Imaging System product series by FLI offers new features and raises the standards for the CCD imaging market. Among these features, FLI has taken their research and incorporated it into their products that resulted in flexible downloading speeds, cooling base control, and hermetrically-sealed chambers for the CCD chip. These CCD cameras by FLI are equipped with materials such as aluminum and heat sinks that assist them from wear and tear, even in very harsh conditions. In addition, the electricity components of these ProLine CCD cameras are protected with very high quality coatings to prevent electrical fallouts. 


FLI is more than pleased to announce record breaking download speeds at 12 mega-pixels per second! Now, when using ProLine CCD Camera, images can now be downloaded to your personal computer in one second! With a 65°C temperature and cooling system, it is possible to operate your CCD between -30°C and 35°C range of dark frame currents. While an optional liquid cooling system is provided, it isn’t necessary as it was before!


Since CCD Cameras transmit information through USB ports to the PC, it is extremely easy for the information to get distorted due to CPU performance, speed, RAM availability, and disk integrity. Inside the FLI ProLine CCD, there are memory modules that retain volatile memory to increase the speed and accuracy of data transmitted to the PC. Because of this, the astrophotographer can now choose what speed they want for data transmission. In the ProLine imaging sensor, there is an alignment that is perpendicular to the optical path to insure the entire frame is focused properly.





Product Series

ProLine sets the standards in key performance areas that include: Download Speeds, Cooling, Low Noise Operation, Anti-Ghosting Technology, Image Quality, and Linearity.

Typical performance and features include:

  • Sensor Cooling up to -75°C
  • Large Format CCDs up to 50mm x 50mm
  • Interline Sensor Operation at 12 MHz (16-bit)
  • Full Frame Sensor Operation up to 10 MHz (16-bit)
  • Separate On-Board A2D for Lowest Noise (1 MHz)
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Dual Super Coated AR Window
  • Liquid, Air Cooled and Dual Mode Bases
  • RBI Annihilator Standard
  • AR Coated Quartz Windows
  • Video Mode with Interline Sensors
  • Reaches Operating Temperatures in 5 Minutes!

Additional Information

Name FLI - ProLine Series - KAF-6303E Grade 2 Full Frame CCD Camera - 63.5mm Shutter
Manufacturer Finger Lakes Instrumentation
Model PL6303
Manufacturer Part No PL6303
CCD Sensor Kodak - KAF-6303
Shutter 63.5 shutter