Orion - GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope

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For a portable telescope that excels at wide-field stargazing, look no further than the Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope.

SKU: ORI-10013
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Product Description

For a portable telescope that excels at wide-field stargazing, look no further than the Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope. This ultra-compact, entry-level refractor with a tabletop mount makes a great, high-quality first telescope for beginning stargazers. But it's not just for newbies - the GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor's convenient small size makes it a true "grab-and-go" telescope, perfect for the mobile interests of more experienced hobbyists. The entire telescope weighs just 5.65 lbs. assembled (including eyepiece and reflex sight) so it's easy for anyone on the family to take it out to the backyard table or favorite observing site.

With an 80mm objective lens and 350mm focal length (f/4.3), the GoScope 80 refractor performs rather impressively for its modest size, collecting over 30% more light than its 70mm counterpart, and over 70% more light than a 60mm refractor. Not only will views appear brighter in the GoScope 80 TableTop Refractor Telescope, but you'll be able to see more objects in the night sky with this telescope compared to smaller diameter models.

  • Bring the cosmos to your table! This little wonder telescope packs a big performance punch with its 80mm aperture refractor optics and compact portable tabletop base
  • Observe the Moon, planets, star clusters and bright cloudy nebulas
  • EZ Finder II red-dot sight makes it easy to accurately aim the GoScope, then you can view them through the included 20mm or 10mm 1.25" telescope eyepieces
  • Lightweight design lets you take the GoScope anywhere and its base can be easily mounted on a tripod with a 3/8" or 1/4"-20 threaded post
  • Ideal for beginners, the GoScope 80mm collects over 70% more light than a 60mm refractor telescope

The included 20mm and 10mm 1.25" telescope eyepieces will aid in your exploration of the solar system as you observe the Moon's craters and seas, the rings of Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter. The 20mm telescope eyepiece provides modest 17.5x power magnification, which is excellent for observing vast open star clusters and bright deep-sky objects. You can use the included 10mm telescope eyepiece to boost the GoScope 80's magnification up to 35x for more powerful views of the Moon's cratered surface and more. As you scan the Milky Way, you'll also be delighted by gorgeous views of globular star clusters, as well as a nebula or two.

The optical tube assembly of the GoScope 80mm Refractor Telescope is attached to its stable table-top swivel base via a quick-release dovetail saddle which features adjustable altitude tension. This allows you to set the up/down tension of the mount according to your preference, for smooth motion. The 80mm refractor telescope tube can easily be removed from the base and mounted on an optional photo tripod, utilizing threaded holes on the optical tube mounting block. Alternatively, the GoScope's swivel base itself can also be mounted on a camera tripod with a 3/8" or 1/4"-20 threaded post to raise the telescope if you happen to plan on observing where there isn't a table, car, or other convenient flat surface nearby.

The Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor comes packed with quality accessories so you and your family will be ready to stargaze with it right out of the box, assuming the skies are clear of clouds! A red-dot Orion EZ Finder II reflex sight lets you point the GoScope 80mm with precision, while an included 90° star diagonal provides a comfortable viewing angle from a seated position. The aforementioned 20mm and 10mm telescope eyepieces provide two different magnification options with which to explore the cosmos.

One of the most interesting parts of the pint-sized GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor is its unique internal focuser. As opposed to more traditional telescope focusers, which move the diagonal and eyepiece back and forth to achieve focus, the GoScope 80's internal focuser moves the objective lens back and forth inside the telescope tube with smooth precision. This nifty design is a pleasure to use as you rotate the focus knob to obtain crisply focused views of the night sky.

Get the GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor today and discover the wonders of the night sky with this compact, yet capable, telescope.

Meets or exceeds all California State Environmental Quality & Safety Regulations (CARB 93120 Phase 2 Compliant).






Name Orion - GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor Telescope
Manufacturer Orion
Model ORI-10013
Diameter 80mm
Eyepieces 3-Element 20.0mm,10.0mm (1.25")
Eyepiece 1 Magnification 17x
Eyepiece 2 Magnification 35x
Finderscope EZ Finder II
Focal Length 350mm
Focal Ratio f/4.3
Focuser Internal
Highest Useful Magnification 160x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 12.2
Lowest Useful Magnification 12x
Optical Coatings Coated
Optical Design Refractor
Resolving Power 1.45arc*sec


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