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JMI - NGF-XTNM with Motor


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)

JMI - NGF-XTNM with Motor


JMI - Model NGFXTNM  Crayford Focuser with Motor (Newtonian scopes)


For the ultimate focusing system adding this motor upgrades a manual NGF focuser to a motorized focuser.  It includes the motor and any necessary mounting hardware as well as a hand control unit.  The motorized system will lift up to 12lbs.

The Next Generation Focuser (NGF) is a low-profile, friction-drive focuser designed for both the amateur and professional .  The highly acclaimed Crayford design  permits tolerances up to 100 times better than conventional rack-and-pinion focusers.  Zero image shift and zero backlash makes it fantastic for visual and photographic work and a must for CCD imaging.

This Newtonian version includes a removable combination base (works on 10" radius up to a flat surface).

The NGF 3" focusers include a compression ring in the drawtube for holding eyepieces and accessories without scratching the equipment.  The adjusting screw presses against the ring which tightens around the eyepiece or accessory.

Product Series

A 3″ black-anodized (gold-anodized optional) aluminum ″Extreme″ focuser designed for use on large (10″ to 16″) Cassegrain Telescopes (NGF-XTc) with standard output threads and Newtonian Telescopes (NGF-XTn). The Cassegrain version includes an SCT threaded output adapter to allow use of standard SCT equipment. The Newtonian version includes a removable 10″ radius curved base (or optional flat base). The manual version of the NGF-XT lifts up to 12 pounds and the motorized version up to 18 pounds. Manual ″Nano Drive″ control is approximately 13 times finer than most rack-and-pinion focusers.

Additional Information

Name JMI - NGF-XTNM with Motor
Manufacturer Jims Mobile, Inc. (JMI)
Manufacturer Part No NGFXTNM