Sky-Watcher - Star Adventurer Mini Tracker Pro Pack - S20582

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  • The SkyWatcher USA Star Adventurer Mini has been the ultra-compact tracker system of choice for travelling astrophotographers and now it's packaged in with the most popular accessories in this SAM Pro Pack!

  • The Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Mini has a payload capacity of 6.6 pounds but weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it a perfect choice for compact refractor imaging systems and DSLR's.

  • Built in WiFi with selectable modes for wireless control of the SAM.

  • Includes illuminated polar scope, ball head adapter, latitude (EQ) base, declination bracket.

  • Threaded for both 3/8" and 1/4-20" tripod bolts to fit your favorite photographic tripod.

SKU: SKW-S20582
Manufactured by:
Sky-Watcher USA

Product Description

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini Tracker Pro Pack

The SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini or SAM is the ultimate portable, high precision tracker. This stable mini mount offers tracking modes in sidereal, solar and lunar with automated DSLR shutter release. It is the ideal mount for travelling astrophotographers and night sky photographers wanting to capture wide field images of the milky way, night sky landscapes, time lapse and deep sky images alike. The mount head weighs just 1.6 pounds and fits easily into camera bags and backpacks. Transform your photographic tripod into an equatorial mount and the included wifi allows for remote control of your mount with your phone or tablet.

This SAM Pro Pack includes the most popular SkyWatcher Star Adventurer accessories: declination bracket, ball head adapter, and EQ adapter.

About the Star Adventurer Mini Tracker:

The SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini can be wirelessly controlled with the free SAM console app on either iOS or Android devices. Here you can customize tracking speeds, tracking rates and other custom presets which are perfect for time-lapse videos. Built in shutter release control allows you to be completely hands off to ensure the imaging system stays stable. After the first shot is triggered via the auxiliary shutter release cable port, the system will continue to capture shots at the preset rate until the cable is removed.

The included illuminated polar finder makes set up easy. Once the mount is aligned, choose your tracking rate and start imaging.

The SAM includes adapters for both 3/8" and 1/4-20" tripod bolts so that it easily adapts to any tripod. The Star Adventurer Pro Pack weighs about 3 pounds, but sure to pair with a tripod that will allow for both the weight of the SAM Pro Pack and your imaging system. Our recommended tripods have ample load capacity to a stable base for your astrophotography. A Vixen style dovetail is also included so you can easily slide on a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or telescope.

About the Ball Head Adapter:

The Star Adventurer Ball Head adapter provides a 3/8 threaded post to mount any ball of of choice to the Star Adventurer. The Ball Head adapter utilizes a stand V-style dovetail on the back for easy mounting to the Star Adventurer.

About the Dec Bracket:

The Star Adventurer Dec. Bracket allows for larger telephoto lenses and small telescopes to be used. The Dec. Bracket features a slow motion geared hear for easy adjustment in the Dec. axis. These smooth adjustments are perfect when using longer focal length optics where large movements are not needed for centering the target. The Dec. Bracket also allows for an addition ball head to be mounted using its open 3/8 threaded post (opposite the gear head). You must have the Dec. Bracket to use the Star Adventurer counter weight kit. The counter weight rod threads into the Dec. Bracket.

About the EQ Base:

The Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base provides a smooth and reliable way to polar align your mount. With internal gearing the Latitude Base makes aligning to the north celestial pole easy and repeatable. The Latitude Base features a V-style dovetail system and mounting block. The mounting block threads on the Star Adventurer and allows you to quickly mount or dismount your Star Adventurer to the Latitude Base. The Base also features latitude degree markers to easily adjust the Star Adventurer to the correct placement. Underneath the Base is a 3/8 thread which can mount to many of todays popular photo tripods.


Name Sky-Watcher - Star Adventurer Mini Tracker Pro Pack - S20582
Manufacturer Sky-Watcher USA
Model SKW-S20582
In The Box SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini Tracker EQ Base Ball Head Adapter Dec Bracket


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SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini Tracker
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