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  1. RainbowAstro - RST135 Weightless Dual Equatorial Alt-Az Mount

    SKU: RAI-MNT000700

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    • The Rainbow Astro RST135 is highly compact dual EQ AZ mount designed for travel astrophotography. 
    • Able to carry up to 30 pounds without a counterweight shaft or weights.  Can carry up to 40 pounds with an optional weight system. 
    • Weighs just 7.3 pounds. 
    • Uses strain wave gears and specialized motors for zero backlash and a high degree of accuracy. 
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Star Trackers are the perfect solution for the astronomy who travel. Star tracker travel systems are light weight and pack down to very compact sizes so they travel easily on planes or in hiking packs! Simple but accurate star tracker systems are a must have for night skyscape photography.