German Equatorial Mounts

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  1. Losmandy - GM 8 G Equatorial Head, Gemini Goto, Weight Shaft, LW Tripod and 7Ib. weight


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    The Losmandy GM8G is a fully computerized equatorial mount head with the Losmandy Gemini 2 GoTo system. An excellent combination of size, portability, and full GoTo capability make the GM8G a great choice for an imaging mount on the go. Includes weight shaft, LW Tripod and 7Ib. weight.

  2. Celestron - 9.25" SCT Telescope with CGEM II Equatorial Mount

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    Celestron's CGEM II mount is the perfect choice for users looking for a stable and accurate equatorial mount. Paired with the 9.25" SCT, it can easily support additional guide scopes and heavy imaging systems. Dual saddle plate accommodates any dovetail - D or V series. Includes Celestron's All Star alignment procedure, an updated ergonomic design and Celestron's USB hand controller.
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Compared to Altaz, Equatorial mounts moves with the diurnal motion of earth, meaning they have much smoother slewing across celestial coordinates. German Equatorial mounts are often preferred for high-end astrophotography and exposures, but must be aligned perfectly north to verify you'll get successfull tracking when conducting exceptionally long camera exposures.