German Equatorial Mounts

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  1. Celestron - Omni CG4 Mount *

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    German Equatorial mount and tripod as supplied with all Omni XLT Series telescopes

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  2. Orion - Min-EQ Tabletop Equatorial Mount

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    Compact Tabletop Design is Great for CampingHere' s a nifty little equatorial mount for small telescopes that makes a perfect stargazing companion for campouts and trips
  3. Orion - EQ-1 Equatorial Mount

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    Solid support for small astronomical telescopes, our EQ-1 mount now features center-hinged leg braces for quicker setup and collapsing of the tripod.

  4. Orion - AstroView Equatorial Mount

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    Whether you're looking to upgrade from your present telescope mount or are seeking a more robust equatorial system for your new telescope, you can't go wrong with the smooth-moving, sturdy Orion AstroView EQ.

  5. Sky-Watcher - Star Adventurer Latitude (EQ) Base

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    Latitude (EQ) Base for Star Adventurer mount.

  6. Revolution Imager - Ball-head Mount for LCD Monitor


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    This ball-head mount permits you to mount the Revolution Imager 7" LCD onto a current camera tripod or camera piggy-back and gives you the flexibility to move and alter the screen to get the best viewing experience.

  7. Coronado - EQS Equatorial Mount

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    The Coronado EQS Equatorial mount is a perfect companion to your Coronado solar telescope. Unique "gold" anodized finish, a full-size aluminum tripod for stability, RA motor and hand controller and slow motion knobs for fine adjustment, this mount is a great travel-friendly solution.
  8. Sky-Watcher - Star Adventurer Mini

    SKU: SKW-S20580

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    The SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini is an ultra compact tracking head for wide field astrophotography, timelapse and lightweight observing. With tracking in sidereal, lunar and solar modes this powerful mini mount can carry up to 6.6 pounds, and has built in wifi control, a SNAP port for digital camera shutter release, and can run for up to 24 hours continuously on two AA batteries. The Sky Watcher SAM is a must have grab and go mount and is compatible with the complete line of Star Adventurer accessories.
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8 Item(s)
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Compared to Altaz, Equatorial mounts moves with the diurnal motion of earth, meaning they have much smoother slewing across celestial coordinates. German Equatorial mounts are often preferred for high-end astrophotography and exposures, but must be aligned perfectly north to verify you'll get successfull tracking when conducting exceptionally long camera exposures.