German Equatorial Mounts

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  1. Software Bisque - Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount

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    The NEW Paramount MX+ has a broad range of exciting features and capabilities that will keep you focused on the stars - not your equipment

  2. Software Bisque - Paramount ME II Mount


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    The Software Bisque MEII mount features incredible accuracy, premium engineering and a payload capacity of 240 pounds. 30 arcsecond or better all sky pointing accuracy with TPoint and Super Model.

  3. Software Bisque - Paramount MyT (Mighty) Robotic German Equatorial Mount

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    Software Bisque - Paramount MyT (Mighty) Robotic Mount

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  4. Software Bisque - Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount


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    Serious astronomers and astrophotographers can now mount their mighty astrographs to the Software Bisque Taurus mount of up to 0.6 meters and 400 pounds.

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Compared to Altaz, Equatorial mounts moves with the diurnal motion of earth, meaning they have much smoother slewing across celestial coordinates. German Equatorial mounts are often preferred for high-end astrophotography and exposures, but must be aligned perfectly north to verify you'll get successfull tracking when conducting exceptionally long camera exposures.