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  1. Losmandy - GM 8 G Equatorial Head, Gemini Goto, Weight Shaft, LW Tripod and 7Ib. weight


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    The Losmandy GM8G is a fully computerized equatorial mount head with the Losmandy Gemini 2 GoTo system. An excellent combination of size, portability, and full GoTo capability make the GM8G a great choice for an imaging mount on the go. Includes weight shaft, LW Tripod and 7Ib. weight.

  2. Losmandy - GM8S Standard Equatorial Head, Digital Drive, Weight Shaft, LW Tripod and 7Ib. weight

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    • Losmandy's GM-8 Motorized EQ Mount with Tripod or GM8S is an upgrade from the basic version of this mount with the addition of a dual-axis stepper motor assembly and a wired hand controller.  This is motorized but not computerized mount.
    • The micro-stepper motor's full-circle brass wheel gear allows the mount to track over extremely long periods, with little error, for long-exposure astrophotography or prolonged observation of a single celestial object.
    • This equatorial mount has a load capacity of 30 pounds.
    • PEC and declination backlash compensation.
    • Vixen/Losmandy Dual Dovetail Saddle
    • Includes 1 7 pound counterweight, and tripod with adjustable legs.
    • Designed and made in the USA.
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If you have a telescope, you need a mount! Mounts serve the important job of supporting your telescope and come in three basic varieties: EQ or German Equatorial, Alt-Az or AZ or Alt Azimuth and finally piers which are available in both permanent or portable styles. From there you can choose whether a you need a manually operated mount, a motorized mount or a Go To computerized mount and how much load capacity you need. Each have their advantages. Need help making the right choice? has the knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect mount for your astronomy or photographic equipment. We also carry a selection of observatories from personal backyard domes and skysheds to professional quality observatories for larger installations.