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  1. Losmandy - G11GT Modular Equatorial Mount with FHD Tripod

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    Losmandy has taken their popular equatorial mounts and has made them modular. This mount package includes the Losmandy Titan RA Axis and the Losmandy G11 Dec Axis for a combined load capacity of 75 pounds with a reduced mount weight of 62 pounds when compared to the original Titan. The split mount head makes this large mount easier to handle, transport and set up and with a tucked in motors, it has as tighter, more compact form than it's predecessors. Includes FHD tripod with MA adapter, 1 21lb. counterweight and Gemini 2 GoTo System.
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  2. Losmandy - G11 Standard Equatorial Mount w/ Folding HD Tripod


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    The Losmandy - G-11 SFT is a motorized, digital drive equatorial mount with a 60 pound load capacity. Includes counterweight shaft, one 21 pound weight, digital drive system and folding HD tripod.
  3. Losmandy - G11 Standard Equatorial Mount - No Tripod

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    Losmandy - G11 SLT Equatorial Head, Digital Drive, Weight Shaft, and 21 Ib. weight

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If you have a telescope, you need a mount! Mounts serve the important job of supporting your telescope and come in three basic varieties: EQ or German Equatorial, Alt-Az or AZ or Alt Azimuth and finally piers which are available in both permanent or portable styles. From there you can choose whether a you need a manually operated mount, a motorized mount or a Go To computerized mount and how much load capacity you need. Each have their advantages. Need help making the right choice? has the knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect mount for your astronomy or photographic equipment.