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Moonglow Technologies - Interference Eliminator


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

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Manufacturer Moonglow Technologies


Interference fringes, Interference patterns, or Newton's Rings are wavy patterns of light and dark lines superimposed over images. This happens when imaging in monochromatic light, such as Hydrogen Alpha, using an electronic sensor. In long focal ratio applications, the nearly parallel light can internally reflect inside the image sensor or camera, causing an addition or subtraction of the light waves, resulting in the observed pattern.

The Interference Eliminator solves this problem by tilting the camera off normal while keeping the center of the image sensor stationary, so that focus, framing, and vignetting are not changed with the tilt. The tilt changes the angle of incidence and optical path lengths inside the image sensor, mitigating the interference.

Without - left, With - right )


Additional Information

Name Moonglow Technologies - Interference Eliminator
Manufacturer Moonglow Technologies
Model IE-TT
Manufacturer Part No IE-TT
Backfocus Distance 15mm Additional back focus required
Camera Adaptable Digital cameras such as Canon, Nikon, and or DSLR cameras; Lumenera, Imaging Source, Philips, SBIG and many more CCD cameras.
Dimensions 60x83mm ellipse, 22mm thick.
Focal Length 55mm from male T flange. (Exact for Canon/Nikon DSLR cameras with standard T ring). Recommended distance to focal plane
Mounting to telescope Recommended for long focal ratios (F/30) such as DayStar Filters.
Other 65mm Radius of curvature
Payload Capacity 3.5kg (7.7lb)