Meade - 20 " MAX2-ACF (f/8) Advance Coma-Free on MAX2 Robotic German Equatorial Mount w/Tripod

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There are very few aspects you can come up with in which one of the largest telescope manufacturers, Meade hasn’t already developed.

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Product Description

Meade is introducing the all new MAX2 Mount featuring the 20" ACF Optical Tube.  This new MAX-2 Mount offers features and value not found anyplace else.  Whether its for a college or research institution trying to maximize their budget, or a discerning amateur astronomer looking to expand their astrophotographic aspirations into true science, the MAX2 is the ideal platform for someone who wants a complete package for the price of competing optical tubes alone.

There are very few aspects you can come up with in which one of the largest telescope manufacturers, Meade hasn’t already developed. That is, until now. The Meade MAX2-ACF is a large advancement for amateur astronomers. As a tripod, mount, and OTA package, this item supports a payload of 250 pounds. Meade has also incorporated their famous Ultra-High Transmission coatings, Coma-free, Autostar II, and much more into their new invention.



  • The Meade 20" MAX2-ACF Telescope is equipped with Starlock Technology
  • PPEC and the AutoStar Handbox are included in the smart drives with a 14,000 object library!
  • The MAX2-ACF Telescope by Meade offers fast and fabulous f/8 Advanced Coma Free optics technology topped with Ultra High Transmission Coatings.
  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Optics Tube features electronic front focusing complete with local network and remote web control.
  • The Meade MAX2-ACF supports weight maximum of 250Ib payload.
  • The Meade 20" MAX2 incorporates new gearboxes, fully-disengaging worms for precise balance, new optical tube support that virtually eliminates differential flexure, and StarLock for completely automatic guiding and ultra-high precision pointing.
  • Observatory-class performance
  • 20" (full half meter) of aperture
  • StarLock full time autoguiding with 1 arcsecond accuracy
  • Ultra-High Precision Pointing
  • 13.625" Drive Gears
  • Clutchless, fully enveloped permanently precision loaded worm gears.
  • Electronic collimation
  • Internal cabling
  • Local network control
  • Remote web control
  • ASCOM compliant


Meade always loves to shock their customers with not only new inventions, but astonishing ones! The 20” MAX2-ACF with EQ German Equatorial Mount gives amateur astronomers an option of electrical focusing in the front of the OTA and a magnificent collimation system that uses a laser aligned mirror that is fixed and slightly oversized. Meade’s OTA in this product has a focal ratio of f/8.

Meade has made fabulous efforts to make their telescopes more CCD friendly for their astrophotography fans out there. The company doesn’t make many CCD cameras, but instead make their telescopes more of an adapting and an appealing choice to use with a CCD sensor. The Starlock feature from Meade allows great tracking of stars by signaling the motors to stop at a very specific time. This is crucial for achieving satisfying CCD results.

The Meade 20” MAX2-ACF EQ German Equatorial Mount is a stunning product and the company ought to be proud of their work. Secure payload, optical coatings, Meade, good work!

20" Advanced Coma-Free telescopes supported by the MAX2 Robotic German Equatorial Mount with new RA & DEC drives, improved counterweight system and OTA support. All MAX2 ACF telescopes come with StarLock dual imager integrated fulltime autoguider, Ultra Precision Pointing and Assisted Drift Alignment, Meade's Ultra High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™), Electronic Front Focusing System, Laser-Aligned, Fixed Oversized Low-Expansion Borosilicate Primary Mirror, Schott® Borofloat® Glass Corrector Plate, Diffraction Limited Optics, Electronic Collimation, Computer-Optimized Baffling, Cooling Fan, Multi-port control panels, Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Optical Tube, Built-In Anti-Dew Heater, GPS Receiver, Patented Level North (LNT) Alignment Technology, Smart Mount, Smart Drive with PPEC (Permanent Periodic Error Correction), Autostar II handbox with 144,000 object library, AutoAlign™, 24mm Series 5000 UWA Eyepiece, 2" Diagonal Mirror w/UHTC. Includes USB Cable and Autostar Suite Software. AutoStar upgrades available free at




Meade Max2 Max 2 Mount Tripod


Name Meade - 20 " MAX2-ACF (f/8) Advance Coma-Free on MAX2 Robotic German Equatorial Mount w/Tripod
Manufacturer Meade
Model MEA-2008-MAX-11
Custom Stock Status Out of Stock
Telescope Aperture 16.1" and Up
Aperture 20"
Computer Hand Control Yes
Focal Length 4064mm
Focal Ratio f/8
Included Accessories Electronic Front Focusing
Mount MAX German EQ Mount
Optical Design MAX2-ACF
Primary Mirror Fixed Oversized Low-Expansion Borosilicate Primary Mirror


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