Meade - 12" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free OTA

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With all these innovations and technological features built in, what's not to like about the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope - except maybe for the fact that you don't yet own one!  

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If you have been waiting to buy a telescope, either for your own use or as a gift for someone, you won't go wrong with a choice like the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope. You may ask - Why? When there are hundreds of others to chose from, why pick one from the Meade LX200 series of scopes? Well, to explain that, let's get a little technical, shall we?. But understand one thing. Once you get a Meade in your backyard, literally, the sky is the limit! Firstly, a Meade LX200 telescope is what's known as a Catadioptric scope. What this means is that it uses a combination of lenses (dioptrics) and mirrors (catoptric) in its design to provide viewers with precise and crisp images of the great beyond.  Meade uses patented f/10.0 optical technology, which blends the best of breed in refraction and reflection sciences, to produce its coma free telescope.  This technology enables these scopes to display planetary objects in a tight circle from the middle to the field's edge. A coma free telescope? What's that, you ask. Well, if you wear distance spectacles or lenses, here's an experiment you can conduct. Remove your vision-enabling aids and stare at something at a distance. You will notice the object looks a bit hazy and blurry at the edges. Now put on your viewing aids and look again.  You have a much clearer picture, for sure.  And that's what "coma" is. It is an optical deviation that causes distortions in our vision. 

Based on Meade's Advanced Coma Free (ACF) technology, the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope produces sharp, clear and bright images.  Since ACF optics cause starlight to be concentrated much more precisely, devoid of coma or diffraction spikes,  the stars look perfectly rounded and not like the crescent shaped versions you would get with other devices. And that means your coma free telescope can pick up and show you stars and other celestial objects that are fainter and much more distant than ever before. Only telescopes in the Meade LX200 series offer this feature. No other competing manufacturer offering Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes can claim that honor.  And that's not the only optical technology innovation that Meade uses in the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope to make your heavenly viewing an experience to remember. Taking into account that the human eye has limited capacity to process images beyond wavelengths of 700nm, Meade introduced its innovative Meade Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™) for lenses used in the Meade LX200 telescopes. This pioneering technology is radically more advanced than conventional Meade coatings - up to 20% more effective. What this has done is to break that 700nm barrier and push it to 750nm, allowing you to  now view crisper, sharper, brighter and clearer cosmos images.  Whether you are a seasoned researcher, or  whether you are an armature galaxy explorer, a Meade coma free telescope has more technology in store to impress you and your star-gazing party guests.  Your Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope will come equipped with an ultra-precise  powerful 16-channel Sony GPS receiver that can capture coordinates for celestial objects, and then automatically position your scope to point to the selected object. Pretty impressive, huh? Well, that's not all. Read on for more! 

With every Meade LX200 scope, you get the power of Meade AutoStar II. And what exactly is that, you might ask? Well, the Meade AutoStar II is a comprehensive yet compact astronomical software that has access to a database containing the coordinates of approximately 145,000 celestial objects. With its built-in intelligence, this software works in unison with the Sony GPS to seek and locate objects in the sky, and then automatically align the scope to view the target object. All you have to do is set up your Meade LX200,  select a target heavenly body from the AutoStar flash memory-based database using HotKey features provided, and watch the GO TO feature align the scope (~1 arc minute) accurately to your target. Now all you have to do is lean forward, place your eye to the eye-piece and enjoy the heavenly show! And the best part is that updates to the Meade AutoStar II software can easily be downloaded from Meade's website whenever they are released. No more awkward wrestling of the scope, to position it just correctly, when you buy a Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope. Your scope will come with a heavy duty mount with dual forks so that you can manoeuvre the scope with comfort and ease. With this high quality mount, star gazers can control the amount of swerve they want from their coma free telescope to just the right amount.  Swerve as fast as 1 to 8 degrees every second with increments of  .1 degrees per second, or fine swerve to .01x to 1x sidereal in 1 1/100th increments, enabling you precise and accurate viewing every time. Meade understands that once you locate a heavenly sight, you may sometimes want to view it for a long time - maybe even for hours. That's why each Meade LX-200 comes with unique Zero Image Shift Microfocuser technology.  With its unique lock knob feature, the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope provides a mechanism to lock the primary mirror in place once you have selected your viewing object. This will now cancel any shifts in the image being observed, allowing you to enjoy the selected sight for many hours to come.

With all these innovations and technological features built in, what's not to like about the Meade LX-200 ACF 12 inch Computerized Telescope - except maybe for the fact that you don't yet own one!  

The 12" LX200-ACF OTA can also be bought with Meade's own 3 Year Sky Assurance.





Name Meade - 12" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free OTA
Manufacturer Meade
Model MEA-1210-60-01
UPC 709942998078
Custom Stock Status In Stock
Telescope Aperture 10.1" - 12"
Aperture 305mm (12")
Batteries 8 x C cells (20 hours life)
Eyepieces Series 4000 26mm Super Plossl
Focal Length 3048mm
Focal Ratio f/10
Included Accessories 16-channel GPS receiver,
Mount None
Optical Design Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) with UHTC
Primary Mirror Progessive tension primary mirror
Tracking Rates sidereal, lunar, or custom selected from 2000 incremental rates
Viewfinder 8 x 50mm


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