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Takahashi - Mewlon-300 CR Corrector


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Available - Ships in 3-5 Days

Manufactured by: Takahashi


 TAKAHASHI  has just introduced 3 element ED flat-field correctors for their Mewlon M250 and M300 Telescopes.  These proprietary correctors eliminate coma and flatten the field plus reduce the f-ratio slightly for both aperture  Mewlon scopes.  Each has been designed to be both a visual and imaging corrector, The corrector is part of the baffle tube assembly which is easily switched out by the user with older units  (the Takahashi Mewlon 250 CR Corrector is designed to work with every Mewlon 250 and Mewlon 300 ever made).

Wide field oculars and medium format CCD cameras will perform superbly as the Mewlon CR produces a 44mm flat field image for CCD and DSLR users.  With this corrector, the original focal length becomes shorter  (2960mm instead of 3572mm).

A  0.73x reducer and 1.5x extender are also being introduced to further enhance the performance of the Mewlon CR corrector. With the addition of these optional accessories the Mewlon can be viewed as a tri-focal device with the corrected fields at three different focal ratios.

  • Mewlon-300 CR Corrector

Effective focal ratio f/9.9
Effective focal length 2960mm
Image circle 40mm diameter

  • Reducer CR 0.73x

Effective focal ratio f/7.2
Effective focal length 2160mm
Image circle 35mm diameter

  • Extender CR 1.5x

Effective focal ratio f/14.9
Effective focal length 4475mm
Image circle 44mm diameter


  • The Mewlon 300 Corrector is a 3 element ED Corrector for the Mewlon 300 by Takahashi.
  • The Mewlon 300 Corrector eliminates coma, flattens the field and reduces the f-ratio slightly for each.
  • The Mewlon 300 Corrector was designed to be a visual and imaging corrector. 
  • Effective focal ratio f/10
  • Effective focal length 2500mm
  • Image circle 40mm
  • Back focus 180.5 0.92º
  • Metal back distance** 115.5mm


** Optimum imaging back focus as measured from the rearmost surface of the optical device used that will make contact with the next adapter in the imaging train. [This is a critical distance for optimum imaging]



Additional Information

Name Takahashi - Mewlon-300 CR Corrector
Manufacturer Takahashi
Model MCR300
Manufacturer Part No MCR300