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In one year Tony Hallas was a featured speaker at the Northeast Astronomy Forum, The Winter Star Party, The Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference, The Orange County AstroImage Conference, and the Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose, California. In 2001 he and Daphne received the prestigious Clyde Tombaugh award for technical innovation in astronomy at RTMC. As a "terrestrial" photographer entering a contest sponsored by the City of Miami, Florida, Tony took First and Second Prizes, Exhibitor's Choice, and Best of Show. He and Daphne have been published in National Geographic, The Smithsonian Magazine, US News & World Report, Newsweek, Geo Magazine, as well as being featured in the LA Times. Their images have been used in both Disneyland's and they have several book covers and countless images in astronomy magazines including cover photographs. Their work appears in many advertisements and they are represented by major art agencies. Tony successfully founded and ran the largest custom photo lab in Ventura County, California, with clients like Amgen and Patagonia among many others.