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  1. Software Bisque -Paramount ME/MX Hand Paddle/Joystick

    SKU: SWB-PMPaddleJoystick

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Paramount ME- and Paramount MX-compatible hand paddle . This hand paddle is included with the Paramount MX. Paramount ME owners must update the MKS 4000 firmware to version 2.8.6.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  2. Software Bisque - Paramount ME/MX Power Supply

    SKU: SWB-PMPowerSupply

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The Paramount ME/MX power supply is included with the mount as a standard component.  Software Bisque also offers replacement power supplies to Paramount ME/MX customers.
  3. Software Bisque - TheSkyX Student Edition for Windows


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    TheSkyX Student is a native Windows XP/Vista application that comes equipped with all the basic tools to bring depth and breadth to your astronomy pursuits
  4. Software Bisque - Paramount MyT (Mighty) Robotic German Equatorial Mount

    SKU: MYT

    This item typically has a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.

    Software Bisque - Paramount MyT (Mighty) Robotic Mount

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  5. Software Bisque - MKS 4000 Adaptor Panel

    SKU: SWB-MKS4000

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Adaptor Panel electronics (Revision F) for the MKS 4000 control system that is used in the Paramount ME, Bisque TCS Standard Edition and Bisque TCS Professional.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  6. Software Bisque - Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount


    We're happy to order this item just for you! Please give us a call or place an order and we'll get back to you with a delivery time.

    Serious astronomers and astrophotographers can now mount their mighty astrographs to the Software Bisque Taurus mount of up to 0.6 meters and 400 pounds.

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  7. Software Bisque -Paramount ME Homing Sensor Cable Assembly


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Replacement Paramount ME MKS 4000 homing sensor cable assembly
  8. Software Bisque - Electronics Board for MKS 5000

    SKU: MKS5000-EB

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This replacement electronics board is compatible with Paramount ME, MX+ and MyT mounts.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  9. Software Bisque - Paramount ME RA Gear Reducer Assembly

    SKU: SWB-PMReducer Assembly

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Replacement Paramount ME right ascension gear reducer assembly.
  10. Software Bisque - Paramount ME/MEII/MX Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar


    In stock

    The 1.5-inch diameter Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar threads onto the standard counterweight shaft of the Paramount ME, MX, or MYT mount.

  11. Software Bisque -Paramount ME/MX Portable Power Supply (48V 10AH Battery)

    SKU: SWB-powersupply550

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The 48V Paramount ME/MX Portable Power Supply is the solution to your "on the go" power needs. This revolutionary power supply provides many night's operation between charges.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  12. Software Bisque - TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition for Windows


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    TheSkyX Serious Astronomer EditionTheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is available as a native Windows Vista/XP application and comes equipped with all tools to bring depth and breadth to your astronomy pursuits
  13. Software Bisque - Pyramid Portable Pier - Paramount ME/ME II/MX Tripod


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Tubular design provides outstanding stability on a truly portable platform

  14. Software Bisque - TheSkyX Professional Edition for Macintosh


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    TheSkyX Professional Edition Has LandedTheSkyX Professional Edition for Macintosh is a full-featured, seamlessly integrated application designed to enhance your astronomy experience

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  15. Software Bisque - EGO Battery to Paramount Power Adaptor


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Need portable power for your Paramount?  No problem!  The EGO™ to Paramount Power Adaptor connects directly to EGO batteries.

  16. Software Bisque - Paramount ME Dec Motor


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Replacement Pittman Elcom brushless DC-servomotor for the declination axis of the Paramount ME. Pulley not included.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  17. Software Bisque - 1.875" Counterweight Shaft Extension for MEII Mounts


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Add this 8" long, 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft extension from Software Bisque is compatible with the MEII mounts and will help achieve better balance.
  18. Software Bisque - Paramount ME Precision Bubble Level


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The optional Paramount ME Precision Bubble Level allows you to quickly and accurately level the Paramount ME for portable use (accurate to approximately one arcminute). Hex key and mounting screws included.

  19. Software Bisque - Paramount ME/MX Counterweight

    SKU: SWB-PMCounterweight

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    These counterweights are compatible with the Paramount ME and Paramount MX counterweight shaft.

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  20. Software Bisque - Paramount ME/ME II/MX Heavy Duty Wedge-to-Pier Adaptor Plate


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The optional Paramount ME/ME II/MX Heavy Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate is designed to adapt an existing pier or tripod with the Paramount ME or the Paramount MX.

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Software Bisque entered the astronomical arena in 1986 with TheSky, a truly beautiful planetarium software package that took the astronomy world by storm. Through the years, the Bisque brothers have continued to add to and improve their formidable software line, and there truly is no equal in today's market. In 1996, the Paramount GT-11 robotic mount was introduced, the progenitor of today's Paramount ME. This amazingly sophisticated robotic equatorial mount is built to handle 150 lbs. with ease, and is a true combination of form and function. For those who demand the best, Software Bisque is one company that can meet and exceed expectations.