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  1. SkyShed - POD Dome Only


    This item is custom made and will be made per your request. Payment is due in advance.

    POD Dome Only - Designed for the DIY - For those who already have a wall to support the POD dome or are replacing an existing dome.
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In the last few years we've added more and more technology to our backyard telescopes, turning many into powerful scientific instruments. Unfortunately we've found that with all the added technology it takes a lot more time to get set up and tear down all that equipment.

With life becoming more hectic than ever, many astronomers report doing LESS observing than they have in the past. All this fantastic technology, and sizeable investment, sits unused in the corner of a room, or buried in the garage.

What's needed is both a permanent and mobile solution to house and operate telescopic equipment at a moment's notice, whether in the backyard or in the field. 

By using the same proven material that's been used globally for decades, in agricultural products and outdoor structures, combined with an evolutionary Patented design, SkyShed POD is the permanent or temporary observatory solution to house and operate the latest visual and photographic astronomical equipment.