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  1. Shelyak - 2400 gr/mm grating module - Very High resolution

    SKU: SHE-SE0005

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Attention: this module is delivered with Lhires III in standard!Power of Resolution R~18000. Compatible with all Lhires III models
  2. Shelyak - Lhires Lite

    Regular Price: $1,935.00

    You Pay: $1,499.00

    SKU: SHE-PF0002

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Lhires Lite is the ideal visual spectroscope. Simple to use, robust and safe, it will quickly become your preferred companion for your public outreach.

  3. Shelyak - Spectroscope to CCD Adapter - 17mm Backfocus

    SKU: SHE-SE0014

    In stock

    This Shelyak adapter attaches the LHires III or Lisa spectrograph to a CCD camera, and adds 17mm of backfocus. Thread: M42x0.75. Works with several models and brands including Starlight Xpress SX, SBIG 402 and 1603 and ATIK cameras.
  4. Shelyak - Old SX CCD adapter - CCD adapter for Lhires III

    SKU: SHE-SE0087

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    This adapter works for old Starlight Xpress models.thread: M42x1backfocus: 14
  5. Shelyak - C-mount Adapter for Alpy 600 Spectrograph

    SKU: SHE-SE0129

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Adapter to use a C-mount camera on an Alpy 600 spectrograph

  6. Shelyak - Support module with 300 lines/mm grating

    SKU: SHE-SE0008

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Grating and its support are very easy to remove on a Lhires III. This allow to change in few seconds your configuration: adapt it to the resolution you need for your project!300 lines/mm is ideal for stellar classification and a SLR digital camera
  7. Shelyak - Short EP holder

    SKU: SHE-BA0018

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Short eyepiece holder for Lhires III
  8. Shelyak - 3.8° Prism For Star Analyser

    SKU: SHE-OP0094

    In stock

    This 3.8° prism placed in front of your Star Analyser does improve resolution by 20%.

  9. Shelyak - Watec 902H2 Ultimate Camera including 1.25" Adapter

    SKU: SHE-PF0006

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Why a Watec 902 H2 Ultimate Camera? Watec 902 H2 Ultimate is a camera of choice for asteroidal occultations:manual gain controlhigh sensitivity1/2" chip sizeThis camera can also be used in spectro-heliography mode on a Lhire.

  10. Shelyak - Sentinel wind sensor - Spare part

    SKU: SHE-EL0056

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    You can now observe peacefully, remotely or fully automated, with Sentinel watching for your equipment against the weather. Designed with Cyril Cavadore, Sentinel is an astronomical weather station wataching the sky for clouds, rain or snow

  11. Shelyak - Alpy Photometric Slit 23/200

    SKU: SHE-SE0145

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Special photometric slit for the Alpy 600 spectrograph (to be used with the guiding module). Includes a 23µm slit portion and a 200µm wide slit section.

  12. Shelyak - Spacer for the Star Analyser 100

    SKU: SHE-BA0014

    In stock

    The Star Analyzer 100 has been designed to work with the smallest commonly used sensor chips and the range of camera nose-piece designs commonly encountered
  13. Shelyak - Cable RJ11/fils_nus of 3m to connect the sensors/coders

    SKU: SHE-SE0040

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  14. Shelyak - Bag of 3 Argon-neon Spare Lamps

    SKU: SHE-SE0148

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Bag of 3 spare argon-neon lamps for the Alpy calibration module.

  15. Shelyak - Complete eShel system - without camera

    SKU: SHE-ES0006

    This Item Will Be Available in 3-6 Weeks

    Power of Resolution R~8000. Compatible with all Lhires III models
  16. Shelyak - Sentinel - Astronomical Weather Station

    Regular Price: $2,400.00

    You Pay: $2,249.95

    SKU: SHE-ES0004

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Shelyak Sentinel Weather Station gives you peace of mind when doing remote astronomical observations or imaging, whether you are operating your backyard telescope from the comfort of your living room or you have an observatory half a world away.

  17. Shelyak - C to CS Adapter

    SKU: SHE-BA0036

    In stock

    The Shelyak Instruments BA0036 adapter is a 5mm long C to CS adapter.
  18. Shelyak - Fibre 200 micrometre (10m) - short calibration fibre

    SKU: SHE-PF0019

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Calibration optical fibre (core diameter: 200µm) for the echelle optical fibre fed eShel system.

  19. Shelyak - LISA Calibration Module

    SKU: SHE-SE0103

    In stock

    This automatic calibration module is a perfect addition to your LISA spectrograph, specially if you plan remote observations. It includes Neon and Tungsten lamps for wavelength calibration and flat processing. Activating one or the other lamp triggers the internal switch inside LISA which moves an internal mirror in front of the spectrograph.

  20. Shelyak - Dome Tracker (Dome) - Complete Kit for Dome

    SKU: SHE-ES0003

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Dome Tracker, co-designed with Cyril Cavadore, is the connection between your computer and the electronic driving your dome or roll-off roof motors

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Spectrography transforms how we look at our universe. Until recent years, this technology was limited to professional observatories with... astronomical budget!

Our passion to astronomy led us to design a complete and affordable line of spectrographs, from discovery to professional and scientifical practice - including educational solution which is important to us. You will also find with us state of the art off-the-shelf working solutions including key accessories such as guiding and acquisition cameras.

You will find in this web site technical details of our products but also a large documentary section with projects to run with your spectrograph from your backyard. We hope to help you in your first step in spectroscopy... and you second one!

In our design of those instruments (which we are also users), we follow some key principles :

- Simplicity and ease of use in the field.

- Scientifical: give you spectra to serve science.

- Technical quality of achieved results.

- Univeral, working with a wide range of standard equipment, even modest ones.

- Responsiveness to your needs.

- Instruments accessible to all...... and always the pleasure of observing and discovery !

Stars send us a light rich of information, let your instruments decode it. Applications are infinite, observing programs are extending in the scientifical community : you won't see the stars like before !