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  1. Shelyak - complete eShel +Guiding Solution with Guiding Camera

    Regular Price: $25,110.00

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    SKU: ES0007

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    Complete optical fibre fed echelle spectrograph for astronomy:-Fibre Injectino & Guiding Unit F/6 -echelle spectrograph R>10000 (including 85mm f/1).

  2. Shelyak - US Power Cord (2 pins)

    SKU: EL0096

    Ships in 3-5 Days

  3. Shelyak - Fibre 50 micrometre (10m) - short object fibre

    SKU: PF0020

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Object optical fibre (core diameter: 50µm) for the echelle optical fibre fed eShel system.

  4. Shelyak - Handheld Spectroscope

    SKU: SHPF0023

    In stock

    This visual handheld spectroscope is a 115mm long tube with a very precise entrance slit.
  5. Shelyak - Apogee Alta CCD adapter - CCD adapter for Lhires III

    SKU: SE0086

    Out of stock

    This adapter works for the following models:-Apogee Altathread: M72x1backfocus: 27
  6. Shelyak - Alpy Barlow Lens Element


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Required addition to the Alpy 600 Spectograph when using a DSLR
  7. Shelyak - Support module with 1200 lines/mm grating

    SKU: SE0006

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Grating and its support are very easy to remove on a Lhires III. This allow to change in few seconds your configuration: adapt it to the resolution you need for your project!1200 lines/mm grating is used for fainter objects
  8. Shelyak - Slit with support

    SKU: SE0002

    Out of stock

    Some projects require to reduce the slit width (ex: spectro-heliography) or to enlarge it (ex: comets). Additional slit and support are available so you can change it in few seconds
  9. Shelyak - eShel Spectrograph with Large High Effciency Grating and Canon EOS Lens

    SKU: PF0011

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Shelyak Instruments is your complete echelle spectroscopy solution for your astronomical projects
  10. Shelyak - Thorium-Argon lamp - Hallow-Cathod Lamp (spare)

    SKU: EL0037

    Out of stock

    Spare lamp, alone. Requires a High Voltage power supply with HCL lamp cable.This lamp is included in the calibration unit. This is a spare part
  11. Shelyak - Alpy guiding EP holder

    Regular Price: $354.70

    You Pay: $299.00

    SKU: SE0135

    In stock

    This eyepiece holder replaces the standard Alpy guiding port which is normally used with a centering & guiding camera. Associated with a reticuled eyepiece (not provided) - if possible with an
  12. Shelyak - Printed Circuit Assembly

    SKU: SE0146

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This Printed Circuit Assembly can be replaced by user for the LISA calibration module. It adds the possibility to use an argon-neon lamp for wavelength calibration (a neon lamp can still be used if preferred).

  13. Shelyak - LHIRES III - High Resolution Spectrograph (Assembled and Tuned)

    Regular Price: $4,725.00

    You Pay: $3,590.00

    SKU: ES0002

    In stock

    Lhires III is a very high resolution spectrograph designed for amateur and educational astronomy. Numerous projects are within reach thanks to the technology involved in this instrument.

  14. Shelyak - Kit Watec 120N+, 12v Power Supply, grabber USB@, 15m Video Cable, BNC/RCA, Wireless Controller, PC Interface

    SKU: SE0085

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This is your ideal kit for efficient remote guiding!

  15. Shelyak - Fibre 50 micrometre (20m) - Standard Object Fibre

    SKU: OP0046

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Calibration optical fibre (core diameter: 50µm) for the echelle optical fibre fed eShel system.

  16. Shelyak - LISA Slit Visible

    Regular Price: $4,725.00

    You Pay: $3,295.00

    SKU: PF0021VIS

    In stock

    LISAExplore to the limit of your telescope with our LISA low resolution high luminosity spectrograph. With its slit, LISA is specially designed for faint or extended objects
  17. Shelyak - 2" Telescope Adapter for Lhires III

    SKU: BA0001

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Lhires III is shipped with your choice of adapter (2" or SCT). If you own several instruments and want to change your adapter, additional 2" adapter is available

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Spectrography transforms how we look at our universe. Until recent years, this technology was limited to professional observatories with... astronomical budget!

Our passion to astronomy led us to design a complete and affordable line of spectrographs, from discovery to professional and scientifical practice - including educational solution which is important to us. You will also find with us state of the art off-the-shelf working solutions including key accessories such as guiding and acquisition cameras.

You will find in this web site technical details of our products but also a large documentary section with projects to run with your spectrograph from your backyard. We hope to help you in your first step in spectroscopy... and you second one!

In our design of those instruments (which we are also users), we follow some key principles :

- Simplicity and ease of use in the field.

- Scientifical: give you spectra to serve science.

- Technical quality of achieved results.

- Univeral, working with a wide range of standard equipment, even modest ones.

- Responsiveness to your needs.

- Instruments accessible to all...... and always the pleasure of observing and discovery !

Stars send us a light rich of information, let your instruments decode it. Applications are infinite, observing programs are extending in the scientifical community : you won't see the stars like before !