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ScopeGuard cases are designed with the safety of your telescope, equatorial mount or accessories in mind. Our cases are constructed from the best available materials and to the highest standards. Each case is custom built to the standard dimensions of your particular telescope, or customized for your personal needs.

If your require a compact, lightweight case, a case designed with a towing handle and casters for ease of movement or a case designed for shipping your gear, ScopeGuard has a solution to your needs. The Standard Features, Options, Thumbnail Images, Case Colors and Testimonials all reinforce the fact that ScopeGuard is the industry leader in custom cases for the astronomer. 

At ScopeGuard we're constantly looking for ways to upgrade our product line. We have recently introduced cases for the Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO along with cases for the Takahashi FSQ Series. We also offer Ethafoam, an optional closed cell interior product featuring superior impact and resiliency properties as well as zero out gassing for the ultimate in protecting expensive optics.