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  1. SBIG - Desiccant Plug for STX & STL Cameras


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    Desiccant Plug for SBIG STL and STX series cameras. Desiccant helps keep your camera interior clean and dry.
  2. SBIG - STXL-16200 Monochrome Class 1 CCD Camera

    SKU: SBI-STXL-16200M-C1

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    • SBIG STXL 16200 Class 1 CCD, Class 2 also available.
    • Has high quality image quality and very potent cooling capacity.
    • 4500 (H) x 3600 (V) photoactive pixels designed for a wide range of color or monochrome image sensing applications.
    • Peltier cooling up to 60 °C below ambient temperature.
    • Ethernet and USB 2.0 computer interfaces.
    • Works with the STT/STX Remote Guide Head.
    • CCD camera’s guiding is continuous during image download. 
    • User selectable internal noise reduction.
    • Full frame image buffer.
    • Internal DC voltage regulator, allows powering from unregulated power sources.
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  3. SBIG - STF-8300 Color CCD Camera

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    Incredible Savings!
    SKU: SBI-STF-8300C

    In stock

    SBIG is proud to introduce the new STF-8300, the first high speed 8300 camera with user-selectable automatic image processing!

    Also available in packages with various accessories!

    Incredible Savings!
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  4. SBIG - Standard Cover for STXL Filter Wheel


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    Standard front cover for SBIG STXL filter wheel - replaces the self-guiding front cover for use with camera lens adapters

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  5. SBIG - STF-402 Class 1 CCD Camera - Monochrome

    SKU: SBI-STF-402M-C1

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    The SBIG STF402M is a scientific grade CCD camera featuring a full frame sensor in a compact body at an affordable cost. A premium choice for the astronomy student or beginning astroimager, easily add an optional color filter wheel with either RGBC or BVIC filters. Also makes a superior choice for a guide camera thanks to a wide field of view and high sensor sensitivity.
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  6. SBIG - STF-8300M Pro Plus Package w/Color St-i

    Regular Price: $5,495.00

    You Pay: $4,995.00

    SKU: SBI-80-12066-00

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The SBIG STF-8300, the first high speed 8300 camera with user-selectable automatic image processing! This package includes everything you need to start capturing incredible deep sky images: STF 8300 monochrome camera, off axis guider, color autoguider, full color and narrowband filters and an 8 position filter wheel.

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SBIG, originally known as the Santa Barbara Instrument Group, has been an industry leader for decades.  Founded on the concept that CCD imaging should be accessible to amateur astronomers, SBIG has created a wide range of CCD cameras with their unique dual sensor technology for in camera guiding.   Now a part of Diffraction Limited, the creators of the popular software Maxim DL, SBIG continues to build on their tradition of creating CCD cameras and CCD imaging accessories that set the standard for performance and usability.   Whether you have an observatory and professional imaging system or are a backyard astronomer looking for your first serious CCD camera, SBIG has the imaging cameras to fit your needs.  Adding to their selection of cameras, SBIG also produces filter wheels, guiding cameras, all sky cameras and adaptive optics.