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  1. SBIG - Tripod Mount for STT, STX and STXL Cameras


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    Tripod mount for STT, STX and STXL Series Cameras.

  2. SBIG - Tracking Interface Cable

    SKU: SBI-50711

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    SBIG RJ-11 to RJ-11 cable connects the camera to the autoguider for tracking.

  3. SBIG - T-thread Visual Back for SCT

    SKU: SBI-50702

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    SBIG T-thread visual back for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes. Provides a female t-thread for easy attachment of a wide variety of accessories.
  4. SBIG - T-Thread to C-mount Adapter

    SKU: SBI-51532

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    This adapter ring is threaded on the outside with T-threads and inside with c-mount threads. When used in place of the nosepiece on an ST-402/1603/3200 model camera, c-mount lenses can be used for wide field imaging.

  5. SBIG - T-Thread Adapter Plate

    SKU: SBI-40-12051-00

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    Used for SBIG OAG-8300 and SBIG FW8S-STT to adapt to a T-thread. (Not recommended for SBIG FW8G-STT guided wheel due to vignetting)
  6. SBIG - STXL-16200 Monochrome Ultimate Package w/ Adaptive Optics, Self Guiding Filter Wheel & Filters

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    SKU: SBI-STXL16200-U

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    The SBIG STXL16200 Ultimate Package includes STXL 16200 Monochrome Class 2 Camera, FW8G-STXL 8 Position Self Guiding Filter Wheel, AO-X Adaptive Optics, Baader, 50mm LRGB Filter Set, Baader 50mm Narrowband Filter Set H-alpha, SII & OIII for everything you need to capture deep sky images in high resolution detail.
  7. SBIG STXL 16200 Class 2 CCD
  8. Has high quality image quality and very potent cooling capacity.
  9. 4500 (H) x 3600 (V) photoactive pixels designed for a wide range of color or monochrome image sensing applications.
  10. Peltier cooling up to 60 °C below ambient temperature.
  11. Ethernet and USB 2.0 computer interfaces.
  12. Works with the STT/STX Remote Guide Head.
  13. CCD camera’s guiding is continuous during image download. 
  14. User selectable internal noise reduction.
  15. Full frame image buffer.
  16. Internal DC voltage regulator, allows powering from unregulated power sources.