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  1. SBIG - STX Guider


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    The SBIG STX Guider is a self guider for SBIG STX cameras. Sitting in front of the FW5 or FW7 filter wheel, this slim self-guider uses just 1.1" of backfocus and weighs 1 pound. The included optics product a focal reducing effect producing a wider field of view for your guiding camera. A guide head connection cable is included.
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  2. SBIG - STF-402 Class 1 CCD Camera - Monochrome

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    The SBIG STF402M is a scientific grade CCD camera featuring a full frame sensor in a compact body at an affordable cost. A premium choice for the astronomy student or beginning astroimager, easily add an optional color filter wheel with either RGBC or BVIC filters. Also makes a superior choice for a guide camera thanks to a wide field of view and high sensor sensitivity.
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  3. SBIG - STXL-16200 Monochrome Ultimate Package w/ Adaptive Optics, Self Guiding Filter Wheel & Filters

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    The SBIG STXL16200 Ultimate Package includes STXL 16200 Monochrome Class 2 Camera, FW8G-STXL 8 Position Self Guiding Filter Wheel, AO-X Adaptive Optics, Baader, 50mm LRGB Filter Set, Baader 50mm Narrowband Filter Set H-alpha, SII & OIII for everything you need to capture deep sky images in high resolution detail.
  4. SBIG STXL 16200 Class 2 CCD
  5. Has high quality image quality and very potent cooling capacity.
  6. 4500 (H) x 3600 (V) photoactive pixels designed for a wide range of color or monochrome image sensing applications.
  7. Peltier cooling up to 60 °C below ambient temperature.
  8. Ethernet and USB 2.0 computer interfaces.
  9. Works with the STT/STX Remote Guide Head.
  10. CCD camera’s guiding is continuous during image download. 
  11. User selectable internal noise reduction.
  12. Full frame image buffer.
  13. Internal DC voltage regulator, allows powering from unregulated power sources.