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PrimaLuce Lab was started by two astronomy enthusists to provide high quality design, innovation and technology at the best prices possible making their well-engineered telescopes and cameras accessible to amateur astronomers world-wide.  Their systems are fully compatible so that every piece will work with every telescope or adapter or camera, making them highly versatile.  Based in Pordenone, Italy PrimaLuce specializes in amateur radio astronomy equipment.  By capturing radio waves individuals can study the far reaches of our universe, well beyond typically visible nebulas and galaxies and offer new and educating information about the objects we can see with traditional optical instruments.  Study pulsars and asteriods or voids in nebulae; unlock a universe that was only previously available to professional facilities! 

PrimaLuce also produces premium quality doublet refractors available as their AIRY series and a wholy unique cooled DSLR camera that combines the TEC cooling technology of a CCD camera with a DSLR camera.