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Pier-Tech Inc.

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  1. Pier-Tech - Double-beam stationary pier (48 "es)
  2. Pier-Tech - Anchor Plate for Deck Mounting

    Pier-Tech - Anchor Plate for Deck Mounting

    ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-AP1

  3. Pier-Tech - Laptop Tray

    Pier-Tech - Laptop Tray

    Stainless Steel laptop tray measures 9 inches x 9 inches, with gussets for extra strength. Also included are 2 quick release knobs for removing the tray. Tray can also be used for holding beverages or star charts ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-LT

  4. Pier-Tech - motor

    Pier-Tech - motor

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS1 motor

  5. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 8x8x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 8x8x6

    Don't have the real estate to build a full size observatory? Need a structure to keep your astronomy equipment safe and protected from the elements, yet allow fast viewing access? If you answered "YES" to these questions, then we have the solution for you. Tele-Station Roll Off Roof Observatories...with features that leaves other available roll off roof designs in the dust.

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    Model#: TS2-8X8

  6. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 8x8x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 8x8x6

    The Tele-Station 3 is designed for mounting to an existing building structure. If you would like to build your own observatory walls, but have difficulty with the roll-off roof portion, this is the option for you. We will supply the roof and roll-off assembly as a complete package. All you have to do is bolt it to your existing structure.

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    Model#: TS3-8X8

  7. Pier-Tech - Castor assembly for roll away option
  8. Pier-Tech - Pier-Tech 4 electro-mechanical telescope pier (1,600-pound capacity)
  9. Pier-Tech - Eyepiece Tray

    Pier-Tech - Eyepiece Tray

    Stainless Steel eyepiece tray with 15 places for 1 1/4 inch eyepices and 3 spaces for 2 inch eyepieces. Also included are 2 quick release knobs for removing the tray ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-ET

  10. Pier-Tech - Tri-Pier1 portable telescope pier 48-60 " height

    Pier-Tech - Tri-Pier1 portable telescope pier 48-60 " height

    Tri-Pier 1 Portable telescope pier, a powerhouse pier. Adaptable to different viewing platforms, both portable and permanentThe Tri-Pier 1 is a portable telescope pier that folds up like a traditional tripod ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-TP1 48-60

  11. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 10x10x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 10x10x6

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS2-10x10

  12. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 10x10x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 10x10x6

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS3-10x10

  13. Pier-Tech 2 Electro-mechanical Telescope Pier 220 volt (300-pound capacity)

    Pier-Tech - 2 Electro-mechanical Telescope Pier 120 volt (300-pound capacity)

    New and Improved Internal Design for better stability and polar alignment!

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    Model#: PT-2120

  14. Pier-Tech - Anchor Plate and Anchors for Tri-Pier1 or Tri-Pier2
  15. Pier-Tech - Pier Caddy

    Pier-Tech - Pier Caddy

    All Aluminum Construction and corrosion resistant fasteners.Low Profile Height.Custom Leg Lengths included in price up to 25" long.Leg and Castor assembly for making your pier or tripod mobile ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-PC

  16. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station1 5x5x6h

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station1 5x5x6h

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS1-5x5

  17. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 9x9x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station2- 9x9x6

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS2-9X9

  18. Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 9x9x6

    Pier-Tech - Tele-Station3- 9x9x6

    ... Learn More
    Model#: TS3-9X9

  19. Pier-Tech - Double-beam stationary pier (28 "es)
  20. Pier-Tech - Auto Pier Software and Hardware

    Pier-Tech - Auto Pier Software and Hardware

    Auto-Pier is an add on accessory that allows you to control the Pier-Tech 2 or Pier-Tech 3 via a computer connection. You will now be able to retract or extend the pier via software from your computer ... Learn More
    Model#: PIER-A

Items 1 to 20 of 30 total

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Pier-Tech Inc. has been providing astronomy products since 1999. We began our adventure with providing the astronomy community revolutionary products such as our patented height adjustable piers, the PT2, PT3, PT4 and TP2. A few years later, we developed our Tele-Station roll off roof observatories TS2, TS3, TS5 and TS6 that have features not found in any other roll off roof observatory available. We also offer a Mobile Observatory, the Star Traveler mobile observatory. We are the only observatory manufacturer to offer this product worldwide. Our latest product that we have developed is a high quality all metal observatory dome, the PTD1 and PTD2. Our dome has features and design enhancements not found in other manufactured all metal domes. Designed 100% with 3D software, our domes meet the highest quality standard for fit and finish between components. Because Pier-Tech Inc. can offer both roll off roof observatories and dome observatories, we can provide a complete solution for observatory projects, either amateur or professional.