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  1. Orion - SkyQuest XX14i IntelliScope Trust Tube Dobsonian

    SKU: ORI-10024

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    Colossal 14"-aperture parabolic optics open up the heavens to new visual adventures!Enhanced reflectivity (94%) aluminum mirror coatings for brighter images14" optics collect 36% more light than a 12" mirror, and an amazing 96% more

  2. Orion - 10" Truss Tube Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph

    SKU: ORI-51874

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    If you have been on the fence about purchasing a Ritchey-Chrétien telescope for astrophotography, you should hop off it now and take a look at the new Orion 10" f/8 Truss Tube Ritchey-Chrétien Astrograph. It features premium quartz mirror optics housed in an ingenious truss tube support structure originally developed back in 1935 for the 200" Hale Telescope at the Palomar Observatory! This exquisitely engineered telescope is optimized for astrophotographic excellence — and will take your imaging pursuits to a whole new level!

  3. Orion - 16" SkyQuest GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

    SKU: ORI-08968

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    The Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo is Orion's largest truss tube Dobsonian reflector telescope. It features a large aperture, convenient portability, and precise GoTo object location.

  4. Orion - SkyQuest XX14i Dobsonian Telescope with Shroud, and Case Package

    SKU: ORI-24442

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    SkyQuest XX14i, Shroud, and Case Set PackageEverything you need for optimized use and transport of the 14-inch XX14i! Traditional 8- truss design offers superior rigidity compared to other designs in this category IntelliScope computerized object-l

  5. Orion - CC6 6" Classical Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly

    SKU: ORI-52138

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    • Classical Cassegrain optical design excels for high-power lunar and planetary observation and imaging
    • Long focal length of 1836mm (f/12) "folded" into an optical tube just 20.5" long - so you won't need a giant mount!
    • The 6" stationary primary mirror - made from thermally stable quartz -- won't exhibit image shift or mirror flop like in a typical Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov.
    • Precision 2" dual-speed (10:1) Crayford focuser with 1.25" adapter.
    • Includes TWO dovetail finder scope bases, a V-style dovetail bar, and three extension rings to allow focus with different visual or imaging combos.
  6. Orion - 10" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope

    SKU: ORI-08266

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    The Orion 10" f/8.0 Ritchey-Chrétien Astrograph is a marvelous instrument for astrophotographers due to its remarkable light gathering power and coma-free optics.

  7. Orion - SkyQuest XX14g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

    SKU: ORI-08964

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    An enormous yet conveniently portable 14" aperture truss-tube Dobsonian telescope equipped with fully motorized GoTo object location and automatic tracking of over 42,000 celestial objects.

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