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  1. Orion - 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope

    SKU: ORI-52053

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    Take away some weight from your astro-imaging setup and still appreciate the advantages of autoguiding accuracy with the new pint-sized Orion 30mm Ultra-Mini Guide Scope!

  2. Orion - Starshoot AutoGuider Pro and 60mm Guide Scope Package

    SKU: ORI-21405

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This package includes both the StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Mono and Orion 60mm Multi-Use Guide Scope with Helical Focuser, excellent for getting accurate guiding before an astro-imaging session.

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  3. Orion - 9x50 Right-Angle CI Finder Scope

    SKU: ORI-07212

    In stock

    9x50 Right-Angle, Correct-Image Finder Scope * This crosshair finder makes aiming your telescope easy by showing an upright, non-reversed image * Right-angle design lets you view in comfort. No more crouching or craning your neck
  4. Orion - Heavy-Duty Binocular Tripod and EZ Finder Deluxe Adapter

    SKU: ORI-24424

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Use the multiple-reticle EZ Finder Deluxe Reflex Sight to easily locate celestial objects with attached binoculars.   

  5. Orion - 50mm Mini Guide Scope

    SKU: ORI-08891

    In stock

    Compact mini guide scope designed for use with astrophotography telescopes up to 1500mm focal length.

  6. Orion - 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle CI Finder Scope

    SKU: ORI-07020

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle CI Finder Scope makes aiming a telescope easier due to its crosshairs and correct image view.

  7. Orion - AllSky Camera Large Pole Mounting Bracket

    SKU: ORI-24430

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Set up an Orion StarShoot AllSky Camera on a flagpole or other large-diameter pole with the handy AllSky Camera Large Pole Mounting Bracket.

  8. Orion - Schmidt-Cassegrain Finder Scope Base

    SKU: ORI-07215

    In stock

    This specialized dovetail mounting base fits factory drilled holes on most Meade, Celestron, and Orion Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, allowing you to add a high-quality Orion aiming device for enhanced performance under the stars.

  9. Orion - Dovetail Base for Finder Scope

    SKU: ORI-07214

    In stock

    This versatile aluminum dovetail base is designed to accept any Orion finder scope bracket or EZ Finder reflex sight bracket. It's an ideal base for custom installation of a finder scope on telescopes not already equipped with a compatible base.

  10. Orion - 70mm Multi-Use Finder Scope

    SKU: ORI-07220

    In stock

    Have you ever wanted a particular type of aiming device for some nights, and a different type of finder for others?

  11. Orion - EZ Finder II Telescope Reflex Sight

    SKU: ORI-07228

    In stock

    The Orion EZ Finder II Telescope Reflex Sight makes it easy to aim your telescope accurately.

  12. Orion - 60mm Multi-Use Guidescope with Helical Focuser

    SKU: ORI-13008

    In stock

    This solidly built 60mm Guidescope will help guide you to capturing higher quality astrophotos.

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