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  1. Orion - Large Deluxe Accessory Case (17.2" x 12.3" x 5.0")

    SKU: ORI-05959

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    Our redesigned Large Orion Deluxe Accessory Case is more durable than ever. Made from super-tough ABS-clad wood with a rugged aluminum frame, this case features an attractive textured black finish.

  2. Orion - 6" f/9 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope

    SKU: ORI-08268

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    The Orion 6" Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph is an affordable optical instrument for amateur astrophotographers, including excellent light gathering power, coma-free images, 96% reflectivity, and rotatable 2" dual-speed 10:1 Crayford focuser.

  3. Orion - Narrow-to-Wide Dovetail Adapter Plate

    SKU: ORI-07952

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    This handy adapter plate will let you attach a wider variety of telescopes, or tube ring systems that use wide male mounting bars, to an Orion mount.

  4. Orion - StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Mono

    SKU: ORI-52031

    In stock

    The Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro Mono is a great design for both autoguiding and a solar system camera. With its high sensitivity and QE of 74%, details will become more apparent in exposures.

  5. Orion - StarSeek Wi-Fi Telescope Control Module

    SKU: ORI-05969

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    Use the Orion Starseek Wifi Telescope Control Module to wirelessly control your mount with your iPhone, iPod or iPad and the free Orion Starseek or Starseek Pro astronomy app.
  6. Orion - V Series Dovetail with 1/4"-20 Adapter

    SKU: ORI-07388

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    This mount adapter from Orion provides a threaded bolt for attaching to instruments, accessories, and cameras with a standard 1/4" - 20 tripod adapter and will fit any standard V series or dual saddle plate. This short dovetail is perfect for mounting your SLR or DSLR to saddle for taking night sky images or star trails and can attach to any accessory or product without tools.
  7. Orion - Large Pluck-Foam Deluxe Accessory Case (17.2" x 12.3" x 5.0")

    SKU: ORI-05999

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    Keep all your prized telescope eyepieces, astronomy filters, Barlow lenses, finder scopes and other observing and astrophotography gear safe, clean, and in pristine working order with this large and sturdy accessory case.

  8. Orion - 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph Telescope

    SKU: ORI-08267

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    The Orion 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph is excellent for astrophotographers since it is deisgned for use with APS-C and 35mm CCD cameras and DSLRs.

  9. Orion - 7.5lb Counterweight for SkyView Pro and AstroView

    SKU: ORI-07384

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    For heavier telescopes and astrophotography setups, an extra counterweight or two may be needed. These counterweights have an attractive finish and a large lock knob for easy grip, even with gloves on.

  10. Orion - LaserMate Deluxe II Telescope Laser Collimator

    SKU: ORI-05691

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    With the LaserMate Deluxe II Laser Collimator, you will get dead-on alignment (a.k.a., collimation) of your reflector telescope's primary and secondary mirrors quickly and consistently.

  11. Orion - IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator

    SKU: ORI-07880

    In stock

    Give your IntelliScope Dobsonian telescope a brain! Simply plug the Computerized Object Locator into the base of any SkyQuest IntelliScope Dobsonian telescope and you're all set to locate and view any of 14,000 celestial objects in seconds.

  12. Orion - 2" Twist-Tight Dielectric Mirror Star Diagonal

    SKU: ORI-40902

    In stock

  13. Orion - 150mm StarBlast 6i IntelliScope Reflector Telescope

    SKU: ORI-27191

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    Our popular tabletop StarBlast 6 Astro Telescope is now available with Orion's exclusive IntelliScope computerized object-location system!

  14. Orion - High-Power 2" 2x 4-Element Barlow Lens

    SKU: ORI-08471

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    The Orion High-Power 2" 2x 4-Element Barlow Lens increases magnification 2x with 2" eyepieces! In addition, the 4-element design minimizes chromatic aberration so further enhance sharpness and detail.

  15. Orion - 1.25" Enhanced Mirror Star Telescope Diagonal

    SKU: ORI-08879

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    Don't put a standard-issue diagonal into a high-quality refractor or Cassegrain telescope or you'll be losing 10% or more of the light collected by the telescope's optics.

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