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  1. Orion - GoScope 70mm Refractor Backpack Refractor Telescope Kit

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    The Orion GoScope 70 Backpack Refractor Telescope is designed to pack up and go whenever you hit the road, the trail, or the air. It excels for daytime birding, nature study and scenic long-distance viewing and will take you way beyond the Earth's horizon after sunset for some casual nighttime stargazing and Moon-watching.

  2. Orion - LRGB Imaging Filter Set

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    Take your astrophotography to the next level with Orion’s 2" set of LRGB (Luminance / IR cutoff, Red, Green, and Blue) filters.

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Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has been offering telescopes and binoculars of all levels since 1975.   Now a company with a plethora of accessories, astro imaging cameras, telescopes and mounts, there is an Orion product for every astronomer whether you're observing the stars or imaging, Orion has what you need.