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  1. Optec - Pyxis 3-" Camera Field Rotator Kit.

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    he NEW Pyxis 3-inch has a full 3 inches of clear aperture and is designed to hold large instrument packages without flexure or wobble. A 6-inch bronze worm gear and stainless worm rotate the center tube with a resolution of 0
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  2. Optec - Alnitak Flat-Man XL30 Flat Fielder Panel - 30x30"

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    The Flat-Man XL30 is Optec's stationary observatory model electroluminescent panel for capturing perfect flats in the field on large aperture telescopes. The XL30 has an 30x30" illuminated area.

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Optec, Inc. is located in Lowell, Michigan, just east of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. For many years now the company has been in the forefront of research and development of astronomical, visibility, and video/CCD microscopy optical instruments for both amateurs and professional alike.

Optec was incorporated in 1979 and is the successor to DOAA Enterprises; a Detroit based company founded by an Oakland University college student, Gerald Persha. Under the leadership of Persha, Optec has grown from a small basement operation to a corporation employing 7 technicians, machinists, and sales staff. Optec's roots are founded strongly in astronomical research instrumentation with products such as the SSP line of solid-state photometers, photomultiplier tube and CCD photometers, the patented TCF- temperature compensated focuser and the recent addition of the Pyxis 3-inch, a high precision camera field rotator for large telescopes.

Optec has a support staff of many diverse and qualified individuals, who take great pride in their accomplishments at the company. 

Optec maintains and uses the Optec Observatory, a small observatory and testing laboratory for Optec's astronomical product line. Using a Meade 10" LX200 telescope and CCD cameras from SBIG. In addition to the Optec SSP single channel photometer line, the Optec Observatory is fully computer controlled with separate control room and observing deck. Recent additions to the observatory now allow remote operations of the telescope, photometer, and CCD camera control software. 

In addition to the astronomical product line, Optec designs and manufactures optical couplers for video/CCD microscopy, atmospheric visibility measuring instruments such as the Model LPV transmissometer and the NGN integrating nephelometer. These unique instruments are used to monitor the air quality in many of the national parks in the USA as part of the Improve Network.