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  1. Meade - LPI-G Advanced Camera - Color

    SKU: MEA-645003

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade LPI-G Advanced camera features a 6.3MP 3072x2048 pixel CMOS full color back-illuminated sensor. The increased dynamic range and 14 bit 3.0 USB paired with a the high resolution sensor, combine for a camera that is both efficient and exceptional at capturing the planets, moon and - with proper filters - the Sun. This camera is equally well-suited to guiding and capable of capturing deep sky images. Includes C-mount and 1.25” connections.
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  2. Meade - LX90 Dec. Motor Driver Board

    SKU: MEA-35-4513-07LF

    In stock

    LX90 Dec. Motor Driver Board
  3. Meade - Eyepiece Holder (1.25 ")

    SKU: MEA-07182

    In stock

    Meade Eypeiece Holder #07182. For attaching 1.25" slip fit accessories to the rear cell of any Meade SCT or ACF
  4. Meade - LX850 R.A. Motor Driver Board

    SKU: MEA-35-7210-04

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX850 (all models).
  5. Meade - Accessory Tube Balance System for 14" SCT

    SKU: MEA-07592

    In stock

    Designed specifically for the fork-mounted Meade 14" LX 200 telescope only.The Meade #1405 Tube Balance Weight System includes a 1, 2, and 3 pound weight, for a total of 6 pounds
  6. Meade - 8x42 Rainforest Pro Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125042

    In stock

    Meade premium-quality, 8-power, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  7. Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (AZ Pier, UHTC)

    SKU: MEA-1610-60-02AZ

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC on Altazimuth Pier

  8. Meade - Telescope Bag (Infinity 80/90/102)

    SKU: MEA-609002

    In stock

    The Meade Infinity 80-90-102mm Carry Bag is a great accessory for the Meade Infinity 80, 90 and 102 telescopes! This padded case holds the entire telescope setup so the mount, tripod, optical tube and accessories can be packed together and be taken on the go! One shoulder strap is included as is one hand carry stray. For storing accessories, use the pouch with a drawstring.

  9. Meade - 12" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (Tripod not included)

    SKU: MEA-1210-60-03N

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade - 12 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC and without tripod

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  10. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 525 (ID 133mm)

    SKU: MEA-629003

    In stock

  11. Meade - 16" LX600-ACF (f/8) Telescope - (StarLock, MAX Tripod)

    SKU: MEA-1608-70-01

    In stock

    The LX600-ACF 16" and the rest of the telescope series address new improvements with optical quality, better imaging, and
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  12. Meade - 8" LX90 ACF f/10 Advanced Coma-Free Telescope

    SKU: MEA-0810-90-03

    In stock

    The Meade 8" LX90-ACF Telescope yields similar optical brilliance to Meade's more advanced telescopes, but in a package providing better value for those primarily observing rather than imaging. Advanced Coma Free optics provide a flatter field than traditional Schmidt-Cassegrains making the 8" LX90 ACF by Meade a portable, powerful and versatile telescope.

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  13. Meade - LX850/LX600/LX200 GPS Module

    SKU: MEA-37-7286-00LF

    In stock

    Meade - LX850/LX600/LX200 GPS Module
  14. Meade - #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens 1.25 "

    SKU: MEA-07273

    In stock

    Meade Series 4000 #126 2x Short-Focus Barlow Lens #07273 is a compact "shorty" type 1.25" Barlow. Doubles the magnification of your 1.25" eyepiece while offering excellent image quality
  15. Meade - Polaris 90mm German Equatorial Refractor Telescope

    SKU: MEA-216003

    In stock

    The Meade Polaris 90mm German Equatorial is a perfect sized refractor for the beginner astronomer and comes with basic accessories and optics to make the first stargazing experience a memorable one!

  16. Meade - 6" LT (f/10) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

    Regular Price: $1,099.00

    You Pay: $799.00

    SKU: MEA-0610-04-12

    In stock

    Meade is pleased to announce a new addition to the LT family. The new LT-6 is a fully featured computer-controlled 8” telescope that sets a new high-performance standard

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  17. Meade - MWA 100° 21mm Eyepiece - 2"

    SKU: MEA-607018

    In stock

    The Meade Series 5000 MWA eyepieces are excellent advanced eyepieces in resolution, image correction and eye relief and great prices, making them currently Meade's widest angle eyepieces.

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  18. Meade - SERIES 5000 127 mm Triplet ED APO OTA

    SKU: MEA-0575-00-03

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade 127mm ED Triplet APO Refractor is tailor-made for fast wide field astrophotography.Manufactured with the finest Japanese FCD1 ED (Extremely Low Dispersion) glass

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  19. Meade - Stella Wi-Fi Adapter

    SKU: MEA-608003

    In stock

    Gain full mount control for your GoTo telescope with the Meade Stella Wifi Adapter. Use your iOS or Android device and the Meade StellaAccess app along with a telescope connection cable. Not compatible with the #494 AutoStar controller.
  20. Meade - AudioStar Controller

    SKU: MEA-07640

    In stock

    The AudioStar computer controller with speaker helps you quickly find and GoTo over 30,000 objects in the night sky. View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, comets and more-all at the push of a button
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Founded in 1972, Meade Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. The company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. has the Meade telescope parts, telescopes, mounts and accessories you want and the expertise to help you make the right choice.   A founder in amateur astronomy products, classics like the LX200 and LX90 series still stand the test of time.