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  1. Meade - LX850 Control Panel

    SKU: MEA-37-7240-80

    In stock

    If replacing the keypad did not resolve the issue then that very much sounds like the main board of your LX850 was damaged. Here is the replacement part.

    LX850 Control Panel
    Compatibility: LX850 (all models).

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  2. Meade - SET #1 Color Filter Series 4000 - 1.25"

    SKU: MEA-07530

    In stock

    The Meade Color Filter Set #1 is designed to enhance the planets and moons in our solar system. This set includes a #12 Yellow filter for better contrast on Saturn and Jupiter or bringing out new detail on Mars and the Moon, a #23A Light Red which is great for Mars and Mercury, a #58 Green to block out blue and red toned areas of Jupiter and is also good for Saturn's rings or Mars' poles and an #80A Blue filter which greatly enhances contrast of Jupiter's cloud belts and Red Spot detail and makes for a great contrast enhancing filter for the Moon as well. Discover details you never knew exisited with a color filter set.
  3. Meade - 10x42 Wilderness Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125025

    In stock

    Rugged waterproof binoculars with multi-coated optics in a green housing.

  4. Meade - Dovetail Plate for 12 " OTA includes 2 radius blocks and mounting hardware

    SKU: MEA-07923

    In stock

    Meade Dovetail Plate for 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain and Advanced Coma-Free telescopes. Part of the Series 5000 Auxiliary Equipment System. Equip your Meade LX90, LX200, or other SCT or ACF telescope with the best and maximize its performance today
  5. Meade - ETX90 Observer 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

    SKU: MEA-205004

    In stock

    Throughout the years, the Meade ETX Series telescopes have given beginner astronomers quality, value and performance, with each new model bringing enhancements and improvements.

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  6. Meade - Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer & Humidity, Barometer, Wind Speed, Forecaster & Atomic Clock

    SKU: MEA-TE852W

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Honeywell Weather Forecaster with Wind Speed and Atomic Clock. Reads indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity (range 30 to 80%), wind speed, wind chill, and has a programmable ice warning alarm
  7. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 400 (ID 101mm)

    SKU: MEA-629000

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  8. Meade - 14mm Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: MEA-07742

    In stock

    With a precision machined 1.25" barrel, comfortably long 15mm eye relief, and adjustable twist-up rubber eyeguard for comfort and blocking stray light

  9. Meade - LX90 R.A. Motor Gearbox

    SKU: MEA-37-6760-02LF

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX90 8", LX90 10" and LX90 12" models
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  10. Meade - 9mm Plossl Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece - wireless(1.25")

    SKU: MEA-07068

    In stock

    Series 4000 Plossl 9mm - With wireless illuminator for Meade LX3, LX5, LX6, LX100, LX200, and APO power panels
  11. Meade - Polaris 130mm German Equatorial Reflector Telescope

    SKU: MEA-216006

    In stock

    The Meade Polaris 130mm Reflector is a beginner telescope with a 130mm aperture, reasonable size for first time observers.

  12. Meade - Universal AC Wall Adapter

    SKU: MEA-07584

    In stock

    With an 8 foot cord that plugs into the drive base of the telescope and the other end with a 6 foot AC power cord, this Meade AC adapter converts 110V AC power to 12V DC with approximately 5 amps
  13. Meade - MWA 100° 5mm Eyepiece - 1.25" - 607015

    SKU: MEA-607015

    In stock

    image correction and eye relief and great prices, making them currently Meade's widest angle eyepieces. Pinpoint resolution can
  14. Meade - 16" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free OTA

    Regular Price: $6,599.00

    You Pay: $5,599.00

    Meade OTA Sale ends April 30, 2018!
    SKU: MEA-1610-60-01

    In stock

    Meade now brings to market a sophisticated Catadioptric optical design favored by research facilities worldwide at a price many enthusiasts can afford.

    Meade OTA Sale ends April 30, 2018!
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  15. Meade - Telescope Bag (Polaris 127/130)

    SKU: MEA-616003

    In stock

    The Meade Polaris 127-130mm Carry Bag is a great accessory for the Meade Polaris 127 and 130 telescopes! This padded case holds the entire telescope setup so the mount, tripod, optical tube and accessories can be packed together and be taken on the go! One shoulder strap is included as is one hand carry stray. For storing accessories, use the pouch with a drawstring.

  16. Meade - 8" LT (f/10) Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

    SKU: MEA-0810-04-12

    In stock

    Meade is pleased to announce a new addition to the LT family. The new LT-8 is a fully featured computer-controlled 8” telescope that sets a new high-performance standard

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  17. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 712 (ID 181mm)

    SKU: MEA-629005

    In stock

    The new Meade Glass White-Light Solar Filters are an excellent choice of filter to views the sun!

  18. Meade - 16" LX600-ACF (f/8) Telescope - (StarLock, MAX Tripod)

    SKU: MEA-1608-70-01

    In stock

    The LX600-ACF 16" and the rest of the telescope series address new improvements with optical quality, better imaging, and
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  19. Meade - LX200 Dec. Slow Motion Knob

    SKU: MEA-31-7261-00

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX200 8", LX200 10", LX200 12" and LX200 14" models.
  20. Meade - 45 degree Hybrid Erecting Prism

    SKU: MEA-07217

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Telescopes contain internal mirrors that reflect light to the telescope's astronomical observing position

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Founded in 1972, Meade Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. The company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. has the Meade telescope parts, telescopes, mounts and accessories you want and the expertise to help you make the right choice.   A founder in amateur astronomy products, classics like the LX200 and LX90 series still stand the test of time.