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  1. Meade - #3200 Lunar & Planetary Color Filter Set

    SKU: MEA-07544

    In stock

    Meade Series 4000 #3200 Lunar And Planetary Color Filter Set #07544. Meade Series 4000 Color Filters permit observation and photography of planetary surface detail that is often virtually invisible without filtration.
  2. Meade - 8x42 Wilderness Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125024

    In stock

    Rugged waterproof binoculars with multi-coated optics in a green housing.

  3. Meade - Dovetail Plate for 10 " OTA includes 2 radius blocks and mounting hardware

    SKU: MEA-07922

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade Dovetail Plate for 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain and Advanced Coma-Free telescopes. Part of the Series 5000 Auxiliary Equipment System. Equip your Meade LX90, LX200, or other SCT or ACF telescope with the best and maximize its performance today
  4. Meade - LX850 German Equatorial Mount without Tripod

    SKU: MEA-37-0850-00N

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade Instruments proudly introduces the new standard in astrophotograhic performance, the LX850 mount with StarLock dual imager full time autoguider.

    NOTE: This version does NOT include the tripod!

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  5. Meade - Professional Weather Station with Solar Anemometer

    SKU: MEA-TE928W

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The TE928W is a feature-rich home weather station with a complete suite of remote sensors; temperature, humidity, UV (ultraviolet light), rain, and an all new solar-powered anemometer
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  6. Meade - Accessory Bundle for 8" LX-200 Telescopes

    SKU: MEA-708007

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

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  7. Meade - Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor #TS13C-M.

    SKU: MEA-TS13C-M

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor #TS13C-M. For use with all Meade Weather Stations. Reads outdoor temperature and transmits up to 210 feet (64 meters) on one of three selectable transmission channels.

  8. Meade - 25mm Kelener with Crosshair - USED


    In stock

    Simple kelener with crosshair. Pick up a cross hair 25mm kelener without breaking the bank.

  9. Meade - LX90 R.A. Motor Driver Board

    SKU: MEA-35-4513-05LF

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX90 8", LX90 10" and LX90 12" models.
  10. Meade - #918A Diagonal Mirror - 1.25"

    SKU: MEA-07202

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    This is the 1.25" star diagonal supplied with the Meade LX-Series Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (LX90, LX200, etc). It is a replacement for a lost or damaged Meade scope diagonal

  11. Meade - 62 T-Adapter

    SKU: MEA-07352

    In stock

    The Meade 62 T-Adapter is designed for prime focus photography when used with Schmidt-Cassegrain style optical tubes. It will work with Meade LS, LX90, LX200 ACF and old SCT with standard rear cell thread.

  12. Meade - Series 5000 2" Enhanced Diagonal Mirror

    SKU: MEA-07680

    In stock

    Meade Series 5000 2" Enhanced Diagonal Mirror #07680. Meade's best diagonal for Meade LX90 and LX200 models

    With a 52 apparent field of view, the Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece offers a generous 21mm of eye relief.
  13. Meade - 10x42 Rainforest Pro Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125043

    In stock

    Meade premium-quality, 10-power, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  14. Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (EQ Pier, UHTC)

    SKU: MEA-1610-60-02EQ

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC on EQ Pier

  15. Meade - Telescope Bag (Polaris 70/80/90)

    SKU: MEA-616001

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade Polaris 70-80-90mm Carry Bag is a great accessory for the Meade Polaris 70, 80, and 90 telescopes! This padded case holds the entire telescope setup so the mount, tripod, optical tube and accessories can be packed together and be taken on the go! One shoulder strap is included as is one hand carry stray. For storing accessories, use the pouch with a drawstring.

  16. Meade - 14" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (w/o Tripod)

    SKU: MEA-1410-60-03N

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  17. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 575 (ID 146mm)

    SKU: MEA-629004

    In stock

  18. Meade - 20mm Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle 82° Waterproof Eyepiece - 2"

    SKU: MEA-07743

    In stock

    Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle 20mm Eyepiece (2") #07743. Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces offer revolutionary new advances in resolution

    With a 52 apparent field of view, the Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece offers a generous 21mm of eye relief.
  19. Meade - LPI-G Advanced Camera - Monochrome

    SKU: MEA-645004

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade LPI-G Advanced camera features a 6.3MP 3072x2048 pixel CMOS monochrome back-illuminated sensor. The increased dynamic range and 14 bit 3.0 USB paired with a the high resolution sensor, combine for a camera that is both efficient and exceptional at capturing the planets, moon and - with proper filters - the Sun. This camera is equally well-suited to guiding and capable of capturing deep sky images. Includes C-mount and 1.25” connections.
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  20. Meade - 10" LX90 ACF f/10 Advanced Coma Free Telescope

    SKU: MEA-1010-90-03

    In stock

    The Meade 10" LX90-ACF Telescope sports an advanced coma-free design that includes 254mm (10") of clear aperture, 2540mm (f/10) focal length and comes with Meade's high transmission UHTC coatings. Meade's ACF optics offer a flatter field and higher contrast images than typical Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, and with features like on-board GPS and Meade's Astronomer Inside computerized go-to mount, the Meade LX90 is easy to use.

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Founded in 1972, Meade Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. The company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. has the Meade telescope parts, telescopes, mounts and accessories you want and the expertise to help you make the right choice.   A founder in amateur astronomy products, classics like the LX200 and LX90 series still stand the test of time.