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  1. Meade - 9mm Plossl with Crosshair and Reticle - USED


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  2. Meade - 2" Flattener/0.8x Reducer (80mm APO)

    SKU: MEA-661000

    In stock

    For astro-images wanting to capture wide field photographs of the cosmos, the Meade Focal Reducer/Field Flattener is the perfect accessory to have in handy! It reduces the focal length of the Meade Series 6000 APO Refractors for increased field of view when imaging.

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  3. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 1200 (ID 305mm)

    SKU: MEA-629008

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  4. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 750 (ID 190mm)

    SKU: MEA-629006

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  5. Meade - Losmandy Style Dovetail Rail for 10" f/10 OTA

    SKU: MEA-617001

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  6. Meade - #1404 Tube Balance Weight System

    SKU: MEA-07310

    In stock

    #1404 Tube Balance Weight System for Meade 16" ACF and Schmidt-Cassegrain models #07310
  7. Meade - Infinity 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

    SKU: MEA-209003

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    The Meade Infinity 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope is perfect as a quick take-out for an observing session. Whether the observer chooses to use it for terrestrial or astronomical purposes, the refractor optical design will bring bright and detailed images.

  8. Meade - 15mm Super Plossl Series 4000 52º Eyepiece - 1.25"

    Regular Price: $28.99

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    Save Until February 28th!
    SKU: MEA-07173-02

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    This Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece has a 15mm focal length and is presented in a 1.25" format.It excels at lunar and planetary views, as well as resolution of globular clusters, galaxies and more

    Save Until February 28th!
  9. Meade - LX70 Dual Axis Motor Drive

    SKU: MEA-670011

    In stock

    Dual Axis Motor Drive for the LX70 German Equatorial Mount not only moves your telescope electronically, but keeps an object centered so that your camera can capture a sharp image.

  10. Meade - 90mm Dovetail Ring Set - includes 2 rings with quick adjust/lock and 3 point adjustment screws with Delrin tips

    SKU: MEA-07926

    In stock

    Meade 90mm Ring Set. Set of two 90mm inside diameter rings with 3 point adjustment screws. Part of the Series 5000 Auxiliary Equipment System. Equip your Meade LX90, LX200, or other SCT or ACF telescope with the best and maximize its performance today
  11. Meade - 6" LightSwitch Advanced Coma-Free Telescope

    SKU: MEA-0610-03-10

    In stock

    Meade LS 6" ACF LightSwitch telescope. This award-winning 6" f/10 (1524mm focal length) powerhouse telescope is feature packed and portable.

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  12. Meade - 25mm Series 5000 HD-60° Eyepiece - 1.25"

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    SKU: MEA-07735

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    This Meade Series 5000 HD-60 Eyepiece is presented in a 25mm focal length with a 1.25" barrel. Offers a large 60° apparent field of view and a flat field of view which is tack sharp right to the edge With a 52 apparent field of view, the Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece offers a generous 21mm of eye relief.
    Save Until February 28th!
  13. Meade - X-Wedge for 8", 10", 12", and 14" LX200 and LX600 Telescopes

    SKU: MEA-07028

    In stock

    For long exposure astrophotography and imaging with Meade LX200 and LX600 models. This extremely heavy duty wedge allows for secure and stable mounting with exceptional vibration damping of larger Meade SC and ACF telescopes.

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  14. Meade - MAX Mount 20 lbs. Counterweight

    SKU: MEA-07626

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade 20 lbs Counterweight balances a heavy telescope on the Mead MAX system. This is extremely important when using a scope laden with heavy accessories and when aiming at the zenith
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  15. Meade - LX200GPS Power Panel for 8-14" Models

    SKU: MEA-37-7240-01LF

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Power Panel for LX200GPS 8" through 14" models.

    Compatibility: Replacement Power Panel for 8, 10, 12 and 14" LX200GPS telescopes. Not compatible with LX200 "classic".

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  16. Meade - Variable Projection Camera Adapter (1.25")

    SKU: MEA-07361

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Machined sliding cell allows bariable projection power in eyepiece-projection photography, permits precise selection of correct power in lunar and planetary photography; threaded for filters. Use with T-mount for your camera
  17. Meade - Wilderness Spotting Scope - 20-60x80mm

    SKU: MEA-126001

    In stock

    The Meade Wilderness 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope is a weatherproof, BAK4 Prism glass instrument that is excellent for birding.

  18. Meade - 8-24mm Zoom Series 4000 55º Eyepiece - 1.25"

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    SKU: MEA-07199-2

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    The finest zoom eyepiece available. High-resolution 7-element multi-coated optics, with 55 degree field at 8mm

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  19. Meade - 10 " LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian Deluxe Telescope (Free bundle includes Green Point Laser and your choice of eyepiece)

    SKU: MEA-1005-05-03

    In stock

    The Meade 10" Lightbridge is a true astronomical masterpiece. This dobsonian optical tube has abundance of high quality optics to enhance the results. It doesn't stop there however, portability is also an excellence in this scope!

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  20. Meade - Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm Clock.

    SKU: MEA-TE109NL

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Honeywell Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm Clock
  21. Meade - StarNavigator NG 130 Reflector Telescope

    Regular Price: $449.00

    You Pay: $369.00

    SKU: MEA-218004

    In stock

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  22. Meade - 90AZ-ADR Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

    SKU: MEA-04085-1

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade 90AZ-ADR Altazimuth Refractor #04085-1. Our largest and best non-computerized entry level refracting type telescope is a great choice for the beginning astronomer or home with a view

  23. Meade - EclipseView Film Solar Filter - 130-139mm O.D.

    SKU: MEA-627014

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade's EclipseView white light solar filters use ISO/CE certified safe solar film. This filter has a clear aperture of 95mm and is designed to fit any telescopes with an outer diameter from 130mm to 139mm.

    Out of stock

  24. Meade - 14" LX850-ACF (f/8) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope

    SKU: MEA-1408-85-01

    In stock

    Features top of the line Meade Advanced Coma Free (ACF) optical design offering the coma-free pinpoint star images and flatter image fields greatly desired by discerning amateur astronomers, astrophotographers and professional observatories alike.

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  25. Meade - Model 9260 Microscope

    SKU: MEA-08018

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade Model 9260 Microscope #08018 with 51piece microscope set. This high quality student type microscope is bound to excite the imagination
  26. Meade - LX200 Control Panel Assembly (16" models)

    SKU: MEA-37-7255-16LF

    In stock

    Compatibility: LX200 16" models.
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  27. Meade - #505 Connector Cable Set

    SKU: MEA-07505

    In stock

    Meade 07505 #505 Connector Cable Set consists of a 6' cable, plus a DB-9 serial adapter, to connect your telescope to your laptop or PC to control the scope and download updated Autostar programs

  28. Meade - 10x50 TravelView Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125003

    In stock

    High-Quality multi-use binoculars with coated optics and BK7 prisms.

  29. Meade - 14" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free OTA

    SKU: MEA-1410-60-01

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    So, you're finally planning on buying your first telescope.

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  30. Meade - Green Laser Pointer

    SKU: MEA-608002

    In stock

    This high quality pointer includes an elegant carrying case and runs on two AAA batteries (included). This bright pen style laser makes a great gift item or accessory for any astronomer. Soft rubber grip fits comfortably in your hand. The safe, brilliant green laser beam is visible up to 25,000 feet away.

  31. Meade - Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer & Humidity, Large LCD Display

    SKU: MEA-TM005X

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Honeywell Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer. Reads indoor/outdoor temperature with the single included remote TS33C model sensor with 100 foot (30 meter) range. Reads humidity as percentage, with the range being from 25% to 90%
  32. Meade - EclipseView 114 Solar Telescope

    SKU: MEA-227001

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Meade EclipseView 114mm solar telescope allows very quick and easy observation of the Sun and is very portable as well as safe for both solar and nighttime observing.

  33. Meade -Personal Weather Station with Atomic Clock*


    In stock

    Displays indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, current barometric pressure, and records and charts 24 hour barometric pressure history

  34. Meade - 8" LX90-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - USED

    Regular Price: $1,999.00

    You Pay: $995.00

    SKU: MEA-0810-90-01-U

    In stock

    The Meade 8" LX90-ACF series yields the same optical brilliance as the LX90-ACF flagships, in a package providing a better value for those whom are primarily observers rather than astrophotographers

  35. Meade - 14" ACF Advanced Coma-Free (f/8) Optical Tube Assembly - (UHTC)

    SKU: MEA-1408-80-01

    In stock

    The Meade Instruments 14" f/8 ACF Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) features a 14” aperture, f/8 optical system with Meade’s Advanced Coma Free (ACF) optics and high-contrast baffling that ensures crisp, pinpoint imaging to the very edge of the field.

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  36. Meade - Equatorial Wedge for 8" ACF & SC Telescopes

    SKU: MEA-07002

    In stock

    This Meade wedge is designed to fit Meade 8" ACF and SC telescopes. Using a wedge allows your Alt-Azimuth mount to behave like an equatorial mount, for smooth tracking and allowing you to take long astrophototgraphy exposures. Attachment of the wedge to the field tripod by means of only one manual knob.

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  37. Meade - LX600/LX200 Dec. Motor Driver Board (16" models)

    SKU: MEA-35-7210-02ALF

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX200 16" and LX600 16" models.
  38. Meade - LX600 R.A. Motor Gear Box (14" models)

    SKU: MEA-37-7262-60

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX600 14" models.
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  39. Meade - Moon Filter Series 4000 ND96

    SKU: MEA-07531

    In stock

    Reduces glare and irradiation during lunar observing. 13% uniform light transmission across the visual spectrum. Threads into 1.25" barrels
  40. Meade - 8x32 Wilderness Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125022

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Rugged waterproof binoculars with multi-coated optics in a green housing.

  41. Meade - Dovetail Plate for 7 " OTA Includes 2 Radius Blocks and Mounting Hardware

    SKU: MEA-07920

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    This Dovetail Plate from Meade is dedicated for use with their 7" LX200 and LX90 telescopes. It provides the ability to realize the telescope's full potential by providing a stable mounting platform between the telescope and auxiliary instruments and accessories.

  42. Meade - Classic 30 - Photo Tripod

    SKU: MEA-608050

    In stock

    Classic 30 Photo Tripod #608050. This entry level tripod gives a rock solid foundation for your sports optics needs.

  43. Meade - Wireless Indoor/ Outdoor Thermometer & Humidity, Barometer, Wind Speed, Rainfall, UV Level, Forecaster, Remote & Atomic Clock

    SKU: MEA-TE923W

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Honeywell Professional Weather Station with Atomic Clock and remote. Reads and displays temperature, humidity, UV levels, wind speed and rainfall. Calculates sunrise, sunset, Moon phase, Features a 100 foot range from sensor package to the main display
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  44. Meade - Telescope Bag for StarNavigator NG 114/130 Reflectors

    SKU: MEA-618001

    In stock

  45. Meade - Professional Weather Station*

    SKU: MEA-TE827W

    In stock

    Professional Weather Station #TE827W. Features an extended 328 foot (100m) range from sensor package to the main display.

  46. Meade - 40mm Plossl - USED


    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    A simple 40mm super plossl from Meade with a big savings! At 52 degrees it gives you a super clean image without having to spend hundreds.

    Out of stock

  47. Meade - AutoStar II Hand Controller Holder

    SKU: MEA-07580

    In stock

    This Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller Bracket is a holder for the Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller that clamps on to the form arm or tripod of your telescope.

  48. Meade - Supergiant Field Tripod for 16" LX-200

    SKU: MEA-07018

    In stock

    Meade 16" Super Giant LX Field Tripod #07018. With the option of using a Meade Super Giant Field Tripod, the 16" LX200 Is remarkably transportable for an instrument of its size and specifications

    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  49. Meade - LX850 Control Box Assembly

    SKU: MEA-37-9057-00

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Compatibility: LX850 (all models).
    FREE SHIPPING(48 States)
  50. Meade - Piggyback Bracket, for 14 " LX200 and LX400 models

    SKU: MEA-07591

    In stock

    Meade 14" Piggyback Bracket #07591. Take your camera for a ride on your Meade LX90 or LX200! Bolts securely to the top of the telescope using existing mounting points on the tube
  51. Meade - 10x32 Rainforest Pro Binoculars*

    SKU: MEA-125041

    In stock

    Meade premium-quality, 10-power, roof prism binoculars deliver years of use
  52. Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (UHTC)

    SKU: MEA-1610-60-02

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade - 16 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC

  53. Meade - Telescope Bag (Infinity 60/70)

    SKU: MEA-609001

    In stock

    The Meade Infinity 60-70mm Carry Bag is a great accessory for the Meade Infinity 60 and 70 telescopes!

  54. Meade - 12x60 Astro Binoculars

    SKU: MEA-B120300

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    12x power binoculars with 60mm objective lenses
  55. Meade - Glass Solar Filter 500 (ID 127mm)

    SKU: MEA-629002

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  56. Meade - 8.8mm Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle 82° Eyepiece - 1.25"

    SKU: MEA-07741

    In stock

    Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle 8.8mm Eyepiece (1.25") #07741

    With a 52 apparent field of view, the Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece offers a generous 21mm of eye relief.
  57. Meade - Adventure Scope 60mm Achromat Refractor

    SKU: MEA-222000

    In stock

    Meade’s all new Adventure Scope is the perfect scope for the explorer seeking to observe both day and night objects up close! Available in both 60mm and 80mm apertures, this scope is portable and easy. It’s the ideal telescope for those observing on the go.

  58. Meade - LX90 Control Panel

    SKU: MEA-36-6700-01LF

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Meade - Control Panel for Meade LX90
  59. Meade - MA 12mm Illuminated Reticle Astrometric Eyepiece - wireless (1.25")

    SKU: MEA-07069

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    A high-precision eyepiece for a wide range of astronomical measurements
  60. Meade - #933 45 degree Hybrid Erecting Prism

    SKU: MEA-07220

    In stock

    All ETX telescopes include an internal, flat mirror to reflect light to the telescope's 90-degree astronomical observing position; in this position the telescope's image is right side up, but reversed
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Founded in 1972, Meade Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. The company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. has the Meade telescope parts, telescopes, mounts and accessories you want and the expertise to help you make the right choice.   A founder in amateur astronomy products, classics like the LX200 and LX90 series still stand the test of time.