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  1. Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Solar-Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter and 2 Crayford Focuser

    SKU: LS60THA/B1200/C

    In stock

    This Lunt 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope has a focal length of 500mm and includes a 12mm Blocking Filter.
  2. Lunt - Dovetail Bar 12 "

    SKU: LS300PS

    In stock

    Lunt Dovetail bar deluxe have the advantage of the stainless steel protected surface at side where the locking screw of the mount is touching the rail. Your Rail keeps unscratched
  3. Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Etalon for Double-Stacking on the LS-60

    SKU: LS60FHA

    In stock

    Use the double-stack technique to reduce bandpass and get the best

  4. Lunt - White Light Solar Wedge 1.25"

    SKU: LS1.25HW

    In stock

    Unsurpassed white light solar surface detail and contrast from refractors up to 150mm in aperture is yours with the 1.25” Lunt white light Solar Wedge . . .

  5. Lunt PC-USB Controls your Pressure Electronically.


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Lunt PC-USB Controls your Pressure Electronically.

  6. Lunt - Blocking Filter B600 in 2" Diagonal with T2 Connection

    SKU: B600D2

    In stock

    This 2.00" Lunt Solar Systems B600 Blocking Filter is housed in a star diagonal with a T2 connection.For best performance, be sure to pair your Lunt Solar Systems h-Alpha filter with the proper sized Lunt blocking filter
  7. Lunt - Calcium Module with B600 Blocking Filter in Extension Tube with T2 Connection


    In stock

    Calcium K (Ca-K) Telescopes and Filters are used to study the wavelength of 393.4nm.

  8. Lunt - 80mm H-Alpha Pressure Tuned Telescope - B1200 - Crayford

    SKU: LS80THA/PT/B1200C

    In stock

    The first step into intermediary solar observing, the Lunt Solar Systems LS80Tha Pressure Tuned Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope comes with a precision aligned 80mm ED doublet lens. 6 lbs
  9. Lunt - 19mm Solar Eyepiece

    SKU: LS19E

    In stock

    Lunt 19mm eyepiece; great for solar observing.

  10. Lunt - 50mm Pressure Tuned H-Alpha Telescope - B400 Blocking Filter

    SKU: LS50THA/B400PT

    In stock

    Lunt Solar Systems 50mm H-Alpha solar telescope is a compact and easy to travel with solar viewing solution with the same top-quality engineering and design as their larger h-alpha telescopes. With a 4mm blocking filter and fully pressure tuned primary 50mm h-alpha filter the Lunt 50mm is perfectly configured for solar observing.

  11. Lunt - LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope

    SKU: LS60THA

    In stock

    The LS60/Ha (hydrogen alpha) Solar Telescope is a refractor based system which features a precision aligned singlet chromatical lens with a..
  12. Lunt - 230mm Ha Telescope w/ Internal Etalon and B3400 Blocking Filter

    SKU: LS230THa/PT/B3400/FT

    In stock

    At 230mm F/7 the Lunt Solar LS230T/PT is by far the world’s largest production Solar telescope beating out the previous record holder and now slightly smaller brother (LS152) by 80mm.

  13. Lunt - 8mm Solar Eyepiece

    SKU: LS8E

    In stock

    Lunt 8mm eyepiece; great for solar observing!

  14. Lunt - Double Stack Module for LS100THa


    In stock

    The new DSII eliminates the need for an external front mounted filter for double stacking. Double stacking provides a truly enhanced, high definition view of the Sun’s surface details
  15. Lunt - 1.25" FeatherTouch Focuser for 50mm Solar Telescopes

    SKU: LSFT125

    In stock

    The Lunt Solar Systems 1.25' FeatherTouch focuser uses hardened stainless steel hardware for reliable and smooth operation. A perfect upgrade for your LS50T 50mm Lunt solar telescope and a must have accessory for photographing or imaging the Sun! Order yours today and be prepared for solar eclipse imaging!
  16. Lunt - Solar Observing Hat


    In stock

    The Lunt Solar Systems Hat with neck flap and UV protective fabric
  17. Lunt Solar Systems - 2" Starlight Feather Touch Focuser with 1.5" travel

    SKU: SLF1.5

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The Feather Touch Focuser has been redesigned! Built on the original and
  18. Lunt - 80mm Internal Double Stack Module for LS80THA


    In stock

    Lunt Solar Systems 80mm Internal Double Stack Module for LS80THA This internal double stacking module for is strictly for use with a Lunt LS80THa H-alpha Telescope. Uses Pressure Tuner for True Doppler Tuning. Lowers Bandpass to <0

  19. Lunt - Adapter T2 to 2" Eyepiece Tube

    SKU: LST2-2

    In stock

    Want to connect your 2" eyepiece but have a T2 threading for a 1.25" sized eyepiece, the Lunt T2 adapter eypiece tube is the perfect solution. Take any eyepiece you have with a 2" barrel size and use the Lunt adapter to make it work!

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Lunt Solar Systems is a manufacturing and sales facility located in Tucson, Arizona. Lunt Solar design, fabricate, assemble, and test solar telescopes and solar filters.
Whether you are looking for a dedicated solar telescope or a solar filter for attachment to you own astronomy telescope, we can help. 
Solar telescopes models start at $499 for an LS35T (telescope) or the only slightly more expensive LS50F (filter), all the way thru the 152T and the 160F. 

Solar observing is both fun and educational. Don't miss out on Solar Maximum!!. 
Feel free to contact us with question or comments and we'll be happy to help.