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  1. Lunt - 1.25" FeatherTouch Focuser for 50mm Solar Telescopes

    SKU: LSFT125

    This Item Will Be Available in Approximately 1 Month

    The Lunt Solar Systems 1.25' FeatherTouch focuser uses hardened stainless steel hardware for reliable and smooth operation. A perfect upgrade for your LS50T 50mm Lunt solar telescope and a must have accessory for photographing or imaging the Sun! Order yours today and be prepared for solar eclipse imaging!

  2. Lunt Solar Systems - 2" Starlight Feather Touch Focuser with 1.5" travel

    SKU: SLF1.5

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The Feather Touch Focuser has been redesigned! Built on the original and
  3. Lunt - 2 " Starlight Feather Touch Focuser for Upgrade at Order


    This Item Will Be Available in Approximately 1 Month

    The original has been made even better. All running parts are now
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Lunt Solar Systems is a manufacturing and sales facility located in Tucson, Arizona. Lunt Solar design, fabricate, assemble, and test solar telescopes and solar filters.
Whether you are looking for a dedicated solar telescope or a solar filter for attachment to you own astronomy telescope, we can help. 
Solar telescopes models start at $499 for an LS35T (telescope) or the only slightly more expensive LS50F (filter), all the way thru the 152T and the 160F. 

Solar observing is both fun and educational. Don't miss out on Solar Maximum!!. 
Feel free to contact us with question or comments and we'll be happy to help.