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  1. Lunt Engineering - 70mm ED Doublet OTA

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    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    A new optical tube by Lunt, the 70mm ED Doublet!

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  2. Lunt Engineering - 80mm ED Doublet OTA

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    The Lunt 80mm ED Doublet OTA comes with fully multi-coated lenses that can be used for both night time and solar observing (with a solar filter!), depending on your choice.

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  3. Lunt Engineering - 102mm ED Doublet OTA

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    A new optical tube by Lunt, the 102mm ED Doublet! With a slow focal ratio of f/7, this optical tube is an excellent choice for observation of the moon, sun, and planets. When using solar filter, this telescope is great for sun observing!

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Lunt Engineering USA, a division of Lunt Solar Systems

Lunt Engineering is the sister company to Lunt Solar Systems LLC. Lunt Engineering with it’s main office located in Hawaii on the Island of Maui and it is tasked with the design, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, delivery, and servicing of the special projects division of Lunt Solar and APM.

Lunt Engineering USA is a partnership of both Lunt Solar Systems LLC, USA and APM, Germany.


Andrew Lunt

Andrew Lunt is the founder and CEO of Lunt Solar Systems. He is also the founder and CEO of Lunt Engineering.

Andrew Lunt founded Lunt Solar in January of 2008 and was the manufacturing/optical manager and part owner of Coronado Filters prior to that. His main background is in the design and fabrication of large optical systems, having experience in the design, production, and installation of optical systems manufactured from Silicon, ULE, Aluminum, Silicon Carbide, and Nickel in sizes up to 1.2M that included both adaptive and cooled configurations.


Markus Ludes

Markus Ludes is a co-founder of Lunt Solar Systems and is a general partner in the company. He is also the founder and CEO of APM, Germany.